5 reasons why I love Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre

Baguio City is one of my favorite local destinations here in the Philippines ever since I was a kid. I’m sure many, if not all of you, have already been to Baguio City as well.

Ford Everest - Baguio City

In fact, it may very well be the case that most of you probably have your own preferred lodging and accommodation choices when you visit this popular spot.

I actually have been to a quite a number of hotels, inns, and rental houses around Baguio City. But there is one particular place in Baguio that I have recently tried and truly enjoyed staying in — Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre.

Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre

There are so many reasons why I love this fairly young establishment and why it is probably going to be my go-to hotel whenever I travel to Baguio City.

Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre Lobby

Allow me to enumerate a few and, hopefully, it’ll be enough reason for you to check it out as well (if you haven’t yet).

Well… let’s begin…

Here are 5 reasons why I love staying at Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre

1. They’ve got really great rooms (Very relaxing, too!)

Apart from having a very spacious lobby and wonderful staff to take care of you, Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre offers wonderful rooms that you can relax in.

Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre - Room
Our very cozy room.

During our recent stay, we got connecting rooms which is the ideal configuration for families with teenage and young adult kids.

Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre - Kids Room
Our kids’ very own room.

It offers just the right amount of privacy for me and my wife, as well as for our children.

For people who are particular when it comes to the kind of pillows they use during sleep, it is great to know that Holiday Inn has two kinds of pillows — soft and firm.

Pillow - Firm
Solft Pillow

The beds are very comfy with just right amount of softness to give you a good night’s sleep.

Holiday Inn

Rooms have great ventilation, allowing a draft of cool fresh Baguio air which serves as your very own natural air conditioning during your stay.

2. Very good food courtesy of Lamisaan Dining and Bar

Lamisaan Dinaning and Bar

Throughout our entire stay, Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre has consistently blown us away day after day, meal after meal, with their mouthwatering and delectable dishes courtesy of Lamisaan Dining and Bar which is located right beside the lobby of the hotel.

Lamisaan Dinaning and Bar

Here a couple of dishes that I truly fell in love with…

Carbonara Nouveau

I’m such a sucker for pasta. My family knows that for a fact.

Lamisaan Dining and Bar - Carbonara Nouveau

This incredibly delicious dish has a 64-degree egg and Kiniing bits or cured pork product made from meat which has been obtained from locally raised native black pigs. It’s creamy. It’s delicious. It’s dreamy!

4-Cheese Melt Wagyu Burger

One of my default choices when I end up in a restaurant is a good juicy burger. When I learned that Lamisaan had the 4-Cheese Melt Wagyu Burger on their menu, I knew immediately that I had to try it.

Lamisaan Dining and Bar - 4-Cheese Melt Wagyu Burger Slider

Sure enough… it was love at first bite — and pure bliss with each succeeding bite after that. Hahaha! It’s everything a burger lover would ever want. Juicy, tender, flavorful, incredibly satisfying. A must-try!

Coffee-Rubbed Pork

Lamisaan prepares their Coffee-Rubbed Pork by using Capocollo, regarded as the “Rib-eye” of pork. The meat is rubbed with Sagada Coffee, then a good amount of sweet & tangy Mesquite BBQ sauce is poured over it.

Lamisaan Dining and Bar - Coffee-Rubbed Pork

This very delicious dish is served with crispy mashed potatoes, sauteed kale, carrots, and roasted corn salsa. Highly recommended and a must-order when you visit Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre.

3. They have an awesome and fully equipped fitness center

I was so happy to discover that Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre has a fitness center, complete with every equipment needed to burn the excess calories I took in from all the delicious food I indulged in at Lamisaan Dining and Bar.

Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre - Fitness Center

They’ve got cardio machines such as treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes, as well as chest, shoulder, back, and ab machines for those looking to tone (or bulk) up.

If you’re more of a traditional kind of guy, the gym also has free weights, stability balls, mats, and benches, too! I love it!

4. Great location / Accessibility

There are tons of places you can choose to stay at in Baguio City. But not every place is conveniently located near popular destinations within the vicinity. Even for this reason alone, Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre is the perfect choice for those wanting to explore the summer capital of the Philippines during his/her visit. During our stay, my family and I were able to explore fun and exciting spots and attractions near the property. Check out some of the places we went to — including our approximate travel time by car (inclusive of traffic) coming from Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre…

Tam-Awan Village (14 minute drive)

Tam-Awan Village is a reconstructed Cordillera village that showcases traditional huts, cultural information, art, and even a cafe.

Tam-Awan Village
Tam-Awan Village - Dreyfus Family - The Dreys

It’s a great place to visit in order to learn more about this popular mountain province.

Mount Costa (20 minute drive)

Mount Costa is a very beautiful place where one can enjoy a collection of 24 gardens of various sizes.

Mount Costa

One can just walk through open spaces, meditate, reflect and be at peace, or have fun with friends and family.

Mount Costa

It’s a great destination for folks who want to reconnect with nature.

Easter Weaving Room (8 minute drive)

Easter Weaving Room is a must-visit especially for those who want to find special souvenirs to take back home.

Easter Weaving Room

It’s perfect for those fascinated with the complex mastery of indigenous weaving. You can even watch some of the people here as they weave incredible works of art.

Easter Weaving Room

This is one place I don’t recall having gone to during my previous visits to Baguio. I’m really glad to have finally seen this place.

Baguio City Wet & Dry Public Market (17 minute drive)

Whether you’re looking for strawberries, longganisa, treats, clothing, brooms, and even furniture, the Baguio City Public Market is one place you shouldn’t miss.

Baguio City Public Market

Everything’s here! It’s one of those destinations you shouldn’t skip during your vacation.

Camp John Hay (12 minute drive)

Whether you’re into horseback riding, golfing, or dining, Camp John Hay is a great and very popular destination for locals and tourists alike. My family and I love stopping by this beautiful place to have a quick bite and enjoy the atmosphere.

Camp John Hay - Ford Everest

There are many places where one can dine here, as well as lots of fun activities friends and family can do.

Ford Everest - Camp John Hay

If you’re idea of a good time is taking nice photos for your Instagram feed, you’ll be happy to know that Camp John Hay offers many amazing Instagrammable spots, too!

5. Wonderful staff

I truly love how Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre makes me feel at home.

Reception Area

The entire staff, and not just those working at the reception and concierge area, are very warm and hospitable.

Holiday Inn staff

While it’s true that people working in hotels are trained to be this way, not every property can make this feel genuine.

Lamisaan Dining and Bar - Kids cook - The Dreyfus Family - The Dreys

That is where Holiday Inn stands out. Their service is truly heartfelt and they try to go the extra mile each and every time to make your stay extra special.

Well, guys… these are just 5 reasons why I love Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre and why it has now become my accommodation of choice whenever I choose to visit one of my favorite local destinations. There are many more reasons why I love this hotel which I am confident you will eventually figure out when you stay with them as well.

Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre - The Dreys - Dreyfus Family

Whether you’re particular about location, service, reasonable rates, great food, or safety and security, make sure to put Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre on top of your list. That way, you can spend more time enjoying your getaway and creating many more beautiful memories while feeling at home.

I’d like to thank our wonderful friends at Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre, particularly Ms. Joanne, Cristina, and all their spectacular chefs and cooks, for making our stay truly memorable. Until our next visit.

Contact Details:
56 Legarda Rd., Baguio – 2600
T: +6374 6203333
E: [email protected]

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