I never knew I needed an OGAWA chair in my life until I used one!

There are just some things in life that you never realized you couldn’t live without until you’ve finally experienced them. You can probably name a couple of things that have given you this kind of eureka moment. Some things that come to mind based on my own personal experience are perhaps Netflix (movies and tv shows galore!), the internet (I know, right?!), and well… juicy burgers (Hey! To each his own, alright?).

Well, because of a recent revelation I had during an event I attended just last weekend, an addition to my personal list of “things I can’t live without” is in order.

This, my dear readers, is the incredible line of OGAWA massage chairs. Yes!

Ogawa Philippiines - SM City Fairview

OGAWA opens their newest store at SM City Fairview

I had the pleasure of being OGAWA’s special guest last Saturday (April 27, 2019) during the grand opening of their newest outlet store at SM City Fairview.

Ogawa Philippiines - SM City Fairview
Being interviewed during the OGAWA grand store opening.

During the festivities, we had the opportunity to try out the various massage chair models inside the store. I took advantage of the opportunity since I was curious to know why OGAWA is such a popular and trusted brand when it comes to these products.

Slam Dunk Mobile Series

It was instantly evident to me the moment I sat down and felt just how amazing it was to be “worked on” by an OGAWA massage chair. All I could say the moment I turned it on was, “Wow!” and “OMG!”

Ogawa Philippiines - SM City Fairview
Really enjoying the various OGAWA massage chairs.

I enjoyed every single model I could try out; from the mobile/portable ones to their mid-market models.

The OGAWA Masterdrive!

Eventually, I made my way to OGAWA’s top-of-the-line model; one of the highlights of their brand — the OGAWA Masterdrive; a customizable full body massage depending on the user’s needs.

Ogawa Philippiines - SM City Fairview - Masterdrive
Trying out the OGAWA Masterdrive

Words fail to describe the awesome experience I’ve had with this baby.

Ogawa Philippiines - SM City Fairview - Masterdrive
Loving how awesome the OGAWA Masterdrive is!

It felt like a real person was actually massaging me from head to foot simultaneously! Wow! I loved every minute spent on it; it felt like heaven! With every roll, press, and stretch of the Masterdrive, I was thinking to myself, “Where the hell was this thing all my life???” Hahaha! Mind you… I’m not one who goes out of my way for a massage in a spa. I’ve never been the type who goes crazy over massages and spa treatments. So, it really is a BIG thing for me to be happily blown away by this.

Ogawa Philippiines - SM City Fairview - Masterdrive
I absolutely want an OGAWA Masterdrive in my life! Argh! Ang sarap!

It would be sooooo cool to be able to use this at home while streaming and binging my fave shows on Netflix! Hahaha!

I was so immersed in my own world while sitting on the OGAWA Masterdrive that I didn’t know the grand opening festivities in front of the store has started already. Hahaha! Ang sarap kasi! :)

So, I quickly got up and rushed out to join the fun celebration.

A healthier lifestyle has arrived at SM City Fairview!

Anyways, OGAWA, as many of you know, is a committed brand in encouraging a healthier lifestyle in the Philippines. It is actually very timely since many of us Pinoys have become more and more aware of the importance of taking care of one’s self and paying more attention to our health and well-being.

Ogawa Philippiines - SM City Fairview

The ribbon cutting, I was joined by Ms. Marianne Rodillo (Marketing Communications Manager of OGAWA Philippines), Mr. Marvin Dionson (Person In Charge of OGAWA SM Fairview), together with Sales Advisors, Mr. Mervin Piano, Mr. Jonard Laguidao, and Ms. Felaine Jacildo. Present also were Ms. Arbie Cadalin (Assistant Mall Manager of SM City Fairview), and Ms. Nadine Viray (Tenant Relations Officer of SM City Fairview).

Ogawa Philippiines - SM City Fairview
Ms. Marianne Rodillo (Marketing Communications Manager of OGAWA Philippines)

The welcoming remarks were given by Ms. Marianne Rodillo (Marketing Communications Manager of OGAWA Philippines). During her talk, she mentioned that OGAWA continues to provide a holistic experience to its customers to further strengthen its advocacy of promoting the art of living in the age of digital wellness in the country. Soon after the speech, we were treated to an energetic dragon dance; an OGAWA tradition for good luck and prosperity.

SM City Fairview - Dragon Dance

There were even exciting giveaways for the first 10 visitors of the opening event: the OGAWA Spa Massager; a premium item that helps rejuvenate the skin and promotes anti-ageing.

The opening of the new OGAWA store happened simultaneously with SM City Fairview’s grand launch of their newest wing: Parkway. This is exactly where their new store is located; on the upper ground level.

Ogawa Philippiines - SM City Fairview

I had so much fun meeting the wonderful folks from OGAWA, as well as other guests who attended the opening. I also felt more relaxed and rejuvenated as I left the event — thanks to all the massage I got from their wonderful chairs. Hahaha!

Well, I am absoutely happy to say that I am now a proud owner of an OGAWA Special Edition Slam-Dunk mobile series.

Slam Dunk Mobile Series massage chair
Ogawa Special Edition Slam-Dunk Mobile Series
Slam Dunk Mobile Series massage chair

I am so excited to use this at home, in the car, and whenever I travel. Eventually, I dream of having my own OGAWA Masterdrive. Hahaha! Who knows, right?!

OGAWA Philippines offers a variety of massage chairs and other products for wellness like the Mysofa, IModa Plus, EZ Tone, and many more.

Ms. Marianne Rodillo
Posing for a photo with Ms. Marianne Rodillo of OGAWA Philippines

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate OGAWA for the success of their newest opening. Here’s to more stores and lots of success for years to come. Thank you very much for having me as your special guest and for making me realize that your massage chairs are one of those incredible things that have been missing my entire life.

For additional details and to know more about OGAWA’s other products, make sure to visiting their official website and social media platforms:

Website: http://www.ogawaworld.net.ph
Instagram: @ogawa_ph
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ogawaphilippines

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