My daughter’s prom. (A quick day in the life of the Dreys and some musings on parenthood)

Time flies so fast. If you don’t stop to smell the roses, so to speak, life will pass you by without you even noticing.

Just last week, I shared with all of you (through a blog post) just how saddened I am that my son will soon be leaving us to train and work in a different country. This time around, I am sharing with all of you another experience that just proves how fleeting life is.

Yesterday, my daughter attended her first prom called, “Le Bal 2019”, organized by her school (which happens to be MY school, too, back in the day), OB Montessori Center.

So, basically… here’s what happened during that special day.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel

The Dreys decided to get a room at the beautiful Fairmont Makati Hotel (the prom’s venue) and stay overnight so Ella could prepare and get ready with less pressure. This would also allow her to hang with her friends and classmates a bit longer after the festivities, knowing that she only has to go a few floors up when it’s time to retire for the evening. It also provided our family some much needed rest and recreation at the same time.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel
Checking in at the front desk area of Fairmont Makati Hotel

Fairmont Makati Hotel was jam-packed the moment we arrived.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel

There was quite a long queue stemming from the front desk with friendly and competent Fairmont staff members tending to everyone. A good number of their guests that day seemed to be families of students who went to the farther branches of Montessori like Paranaque and Angeles, Pampanga.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel
Ella’s makeup artist, Je Fazunila (center) with her assistant Nicole (left), and Yen (right)

Ella’s makeup artsist (Je Fazunila) arrived just about the same time I finished securing our accommodation at the front desk. So, we pretty much made our way up to the 6th floor together.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel

We finally arrived at our 2 Double Bed Room. Thankfully, I was able to take a couple of pics of our room before the frenzy of all the prepping took place inside. Haha!

Check out our room…

Ella had barely enough time to get ready when we got to our room. She only had a couple of hours to get prepped and dressed.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel
Ella, all set to have her makeup done. Kuya Ralph behind her – just being… well, himself. Haha!

So, my wife, daughter, and her makeup artist Je (with her assistant, Nicole) got right to it.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel

Next up was to put on Ella’s party dress and all the final touches.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel
Ella and Yen doing the final touches.

As soon as Ella was all made up, we just had to take a few photos of her final look before she left the room to attend the prom.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel
My little lady.
OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel

Proud daddy moment, of course! Hahaha! But at the same time, I just couldn’t help but realize how my little baby girl has quickly become a lady. I got a little emotional because of that… but that’s just how things are. And life happens in a blur.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel

Ella was even visited by some of her classmates inside our room as she was being made up and waited for her to finish so they could head to the ballroom together.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel
Ella with her classmates

Anyways, off she went with her school buddies while the rest of us (that’s me, my son and my wife) stayed in the room to relax and make the most of our stay at Fairmont Makati.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel
Ella with her classmates before they went to the ballroom for the prom.

A few moments after, my son and wife decided to hit the gym. I didn’t find the need to join them since I just worked out the previous day.

Later in the evening, we all just had some food delivered and enjoyed dinner inside our room.

Ella returned to the room at about 11pm if I remember right. I don’t really remember what time she or my wife slept cause I fell asleep earlier than they did. And they were still taking turns using the bathroom when I dozed off.

The next morning, I really really wanted to enjoy breakfast since it is one of the things I always look forward to whenever I’m staying in a hotel. Unfortunately, vertigo happened. I could barely walk because it was difficult to keep my balance.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel
Vertigo sucks!

Don’t worry… I’ve had bouts of vertigo ever since I was a kid so it’s not really new to me. But, nevertheless, it still is a bummer when it comes along. So, I had to stay behind to take anti-vertigo meds and eventually slept it off (hoping it’d be gone when I awake again).

Things were a lot better after a few hours of sleep. A little lightheaded, though. But better than earlier.

So, Yen and Ralph, just ended up making me “inggit” by showing some of the food they had for breakfast at Mireio Restaurant’s buffet. *sniff!* *ugly cry!*

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel
Mireio Restaurant

Ella, on the other hand, seemed to have really enjoyed their party the night before. How could I tell? Well… she looked pretty wasted in the morning and could barely get up — even with food in her hand. Hahaha!

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel
Need more sleep, Ella? Hahahaha!

Alas, it was just about time to check out and say goodbye to Fairmont Makati Hotel. It was a short but delightfully sweet stay filled with new memories — especially those of my daughter’s prom.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel

I look forward to coming back one of these days and really make the most of our stay since this recent overnight experience was fast and fleeting.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel
Fairmont Makati Hotel’s lobby during checkout

Maybe I can finally take advantage of Fairmont’s incredible amenities and facilities the next time around.

OBMC Prom - Le Bal 2019 - Fairmont Makati Hotel

Of course, thank yous are in order.

I’d like to thank Fairmont Makati Hotel for the wonderful stay and impeccable service. Here’s to more fun times with family in the months to come. You can call them up at (02) 795-1888. Visit their Instagram account here and Facebook Page here. Thank you to Ms. Cathy Mora-Capistrano for the cocktail dress Ella wore for the prom. She looked absolutely wonderful in it! Thank you also to our daughter’s makeup artist, Je Fazunila, and her assistant Nicole, for an incredible job (Sa uulitin!) and being ever so reliable.

I’d also like to thank you, my dear readers, as always! I really appreciate you guys taking the time to read my posts. Truly, I am grateful.

I’d also like to invite you to please follow me on Instagram (@chuckiedreyfus) and LIKE my Facebook Page as well. Oh! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel also if you haven’t yet. Thanks in advance. :)

I guess that’s it!

Oh, wait! I forgot to leave you with some of my personal thoughts before I close out this blog post. I’ll just keep in short and simple since my recent post about my son leaving home soon was a tad heavy and emotionally draining.

I guess, what I really want to impart to you guys this time around is basically the same as the first paragraph of this article — in case you haven’t noticed yet, time flies by incredibly fast. You have to really find means and ways to enjoy every possible moment spent with your children. I can still vividly remember the time when I was nervously waiting in the hospital room for my wife to deliver our daughter like it was just yesterday. Now, she’s already attended her first prom. In less than a year, she’ll be celebrating her 18th birthday already.

Where did all the time go?

I know I can’t stop time. Nor can I slow it down to a crawl in order to savor every second of it. All I can do is find every opportunity to create more memories as life happens; memories that I can look back on and cherish, knowing that I did everything in my power to make our moments together matter.

Till my next blog post, guys. Cheers.

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