Watch the Jamba Juice Whirl’d Cup 2018 Recap Video

Remember my previous blog post about my newfound love for the sport of Ultimate Frisbee after competing in the recently held Jamba Juice Whirl’d Cup 2018 (you can read all about it via the link below)?

Jamba Juice Whirl’d Cup 2018: My newfound love with Ultimate Frisbee!
Find out why I immediately fell in love with the sport of Ultimate Frisbee

Jamba Juice Whirl’d Cup 2018 Recap Video

Well, Jamba Juice released a very fun recap video of everything that went down during the tournament. I just wanted to share the video with you all because it gives you a better idea of just how wonderful and enjoyable this game is. And hopefully, it may encourage you to try it out and invite others to get in on the fun.

Enjoy the Jamba Juice Whirl’d Cup 2018 recap video below…

Incredible, right?!

Well, like I said in my previous article… Ultimate Frisbee is the kind of sport that not only keeps you physically healthy, but also teaches you important values that you can incorporate and use in your everyday life.

Jamba Juice Whirl'd Cup 2018 - Drinking

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