AirAsia’s “Magnet” – All the (I love you, mom!) feels

Moms. They’re wonderful in all sorts of ways. They look after you and love you to a fault. They work 24/7… even to the point of exhaustion. They give so much of themselves without complaining. And they somehow know what you’re thinking, feeling, and going through even without telling them.

Mother’s are incredibly amazing that way.

I was reminded of this again just recently after watching AirAsia’s short video on Facebook entitled, “Magnet.”

I’m quite confident many of you will be able to relate to the video as well. It’ll probably also make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Enjoy the AirAsia video below…

Makes you wanna give mom a call, right? Probably to say thank you and to express your gratitude. It doesn’t even have to be your biological mother. It can be anyone whom you consider to be the mom in your life — an aunt, grandmother, a single dad, or even your yaya.

So, go ahead. Show her how much she’s loved. Give her a warm hug and make her know she’s appreciated.

Who knows…? Perhaps, she’s also been setting aside her dream trip by putting your happiness ahead of her’s.

Either way, it’s time to turn the tables and delightfully surprise her the only way a loving son knows how.

Thanks for all the feels, AirAsia. Now where did I put that box of tissue paper?

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