VLOG: The DREYS take on the Gold Seas Tuna Chunks Challenge

Just recently, our friends from Gold Seas Tuna Chunks asked me and my family to take on their fun mystery challenge. Being the competitive family that we are, naturally we immediately said YES!

So, here’s what happened… Gold Seas Tuna Chunks whisked us away to Noni’s Resort in beautiful Batangas to enjoy an amazing glamping experience where our challenge was also going to take place.

The DREYS go glamping and take on the Gold Seas Tuna Chunks Challenge

During our overnight getaway, The DREYS (that’s us!) had a delightfully unforgettable time bonding over jokes, laughter and, of course, TUNA!

Fun and food during the Gold Seas Tuna Chunks Challenge with The DREYS

Everything that went down during this fun escape is all on my latest vlog post. Check it out by watching the video below. Enjoy!

Did you like the vlog post? I sure hope so.

Well, there you have it! So… it IS possible to enjoy healthy gourmet food no matter where you are. All you have to do is bring along a few cans of Gold Seas Tuna Chunks and your gastronomic imagination, and you’re definitely well on your way to enjoying deliciously healthy tuna creations.

I hope this vlog post helped inspire you guys to create your own healthy gourmet dishes. If you’ve thought about other yummy inventions using Gold Seas Tuna Chunks, don’t hesitate to share them down on the comments section.

The DREYS go glamping and take on the Gold Seas Tuna Chunks Challenge

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To know more about Gold Seas Tuna Chunks, check out their official website by clicking here and visiting their Facebook Page here.

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