Influence, impact and more positivity – A sudden realization

As public figures and personalities, there are a good number of us who don’t really comprehend and grasp the full extent of our influence and impact in the lives of our fans, supporters, and followers.

When I started seriously vlogging as of late, I did it as a way of expressing myself better and to share a little bit more of my everyday life. I wanted a new means to connect with my fans and supporters. I knew through comments and messages that I was, in my own little way, giving joy and happiness to many. But the true scope of my impact to some of my followers wasn’t all too clear to me — until now.

Just a while back, someone left a comment on one of my vlogs on my YouTube channel. This comment is, by far, one of the biggest blessings I have received at the start of this new year. The person who left this comment may not know it, but her words and honesty have given me so much inspiration and drive to do more and touch many more lives through what I do.

YouTube - vlog - comment

The comment read…

Happy New Year Sir Chuckie. I came from a broken, abusive family and that honestly traumatized me and gave me trust issues even as an adult. However, seeing your beautiful, solid family and watching your videos help lessen that trauma and replace it with hope and inspiration. Maraming salamat po sa pagbibigay ng ngiti at liwanag sa mga viewers nyo. You are seriously helping heal hearts and save lives. More power, may you get all that you wish for and God bless.

Nagpapasalamat siya sa “ngiti at liwanag” na nabibigay ko sa pamamagitan ng videos and posts ko, ngunit ang hindi niya alam, siya pa ang mas naging blessing sa akin dahil sa sinabi at ipinamulat niya.

Now, I have renewed purpose, clarity, and more reason to do what I do.

This 2018, may we all find more meaning in our lives and realize the kind of impact we truly have towards others who find inspiration, happiness and healing through what we do.

A bigger and better new year be upon everyone filled with love, positivity, and purpose — mindful that everything we do can touch, and ultimately, save lives.

God bless us all.


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