Learning the importance of sleep at the Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop

I move in an industry where sleep is hardly given the kind of importance and priority it rightfully deserves. More often than not, sleep takes a backseat to what most people in my circle seemingly perceive to be more important activities. What escapes them is the fact that lack of proper sleep time can negatively affect one’s physical and mental wellness, especially as working adults. On the flipside, when one gets enough quality rest, tasks are accomplished not just faster but more efficiently, and one’s disposition is positive.

Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop - Uratex Premium

Just recently, my attendance to the Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop at their beautiful showroom in Magallanes further reinforced what I have always believed in — that sleep is KING. And the ignorance of this vital truth not only affects one’s lifestyle negatively but can — and will — cause serious complications on his/her health.

Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop - Uratex Premium
The Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop

During the Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop, I had the opportunity to listen to folks like Mr. Stephen Lee – Uratex Sales Director, Dr. Marco Escareal – Founding President of the National Wellness Institute of the Philippines, and so much more. The way they tackled just now vital overall wellness is was truly an eye-opener to most guests.

Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop - Uratex Premium
Hangin’ with Camille Prats and Suzi Abrera during the Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop

What truly stuck to me was Dr. Marco Escareal’s talk. He explained that, our lifestyle should consist of 3 important “choices” which we should consciously make in order to live with vitality and more energy. These choices are: To MOVE MORE, To EAT HEALTHY, and To SLEEP BETTER.

Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop - Uratex Premium
Dr. Marco Escareal

It’s actually quite simple — make better food choices, find opportunities throughout the day to exercise and stay physically active (not having enough time is not an excuse), and put in the time to get quality rest.

Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop - Uratex Premium
Learning to be more active during the Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop

We should take this concern seriously because here in the Philippines, where long work hours and irregular schedules seem to be the norm, sleep tends to end up with the least importance on the priority hierarchy of one’s lifestyle. A general awareness and proper education about how crucial it is for an individual to get good rest should be emphasized for the benefit of the general working public.

Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop - Uratex Premium
Mr. Stephen Lee – Uratex Sales Director

However, having quality sleep is not merely a simple tweak on one’s way of life, but a person’s sleeping environment as well.

Lack of sleep leads to negative effects

Think that lack of sleep is causing your painful back? Well, perhaps. But there’s more to it than just that. Did you know that it is during our sleep that our bodies restore and heal itself by replenishing our chemical balance? There’s a reason why we are given a recommended number of hours of sleep every day. Taking this for granted takes a toll on other body systems such as memory retention, balance, high blood pressure, and immunity against disease.

Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop - Uratex Premium

Lack of proper sleep can also be lethal. Keep this in mind… a study has shown that sleeping for less than 6-8 hours can increase the risk of early death by 12 percent. Scary, right? Other effects of lack of sleep are weight gain, and higher chances of getting heart diseases and diabetes.

Quality sleep starts with a good mattress

It’s true. Quality rest begins with having the right kind of sleeping environment. A good mattress is the first and foremost thing to consider for obvious reasons. You think your caffeine fix is the only thing to blame for all those sleepless nights? Nope. It could also be your mattress. According to another study, the support levels that mattresses provide has a direct effect on an individual’s sleep comfort, and daytime function.

Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop - Uratex Premium

The slightest change on a mattress can cause pain and discomfort on its users. And even more surprising is the fact that individuals actually cannot tell which mattress is right for them when they are awake.

Now, not to sound like a hardsell, but my family and I have long been avid users of Uratex mattresses. I say this not because I want to merely promote this brand but because I truly believe that you, my readers, will benefit from it. You see, Uratex has been taking efforts to improve the sleeping routines of its users by improving its products through innovative sleep solutions.

Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop - Uratex Premium

All our mattresses at home have been Uratex for the longest time. My wife and my son both suffer from scoliosis — a medical condition in which a person’s spine has a sideways curve. The slightest mistake in posture or position whether awake or while sleeping can lead to severe pain. That’s why I am so thankful that Uratex Premium came up with its line of Orthopaedic Premium Mattresses which include the Premium Touch, Senso Memory, and Orthocare collection.

Take note… the product lineup is the sole collection in the country that bears the approval of the Philippine Orthopaedic Association.

Now, with different types of Uratex Premium Mattresses available, you’re probably wondering which kind fits your lifestyle. Well, allow me to help you by briefly explaining the qualities of each variant.

Uratex Premium Mattress

Premium Touch Collection

The Premium Touch Collection is created to cleverly adjust to the body with help from its pocket spring system. These smart Reflex springs respond to movements by cushioning the user, while resisting deformation even with constant use.

Senso Memory

The Senso Memory line, on the other hand, offers plush comfort and a special cooling quality that makes it perfect for people wanting to enjoy deep sleep during warmer temperatures. The Senso Memory Ultima and Ultima Plus offer enhanced cooling through heat-absorbing Hydragel beads incorporated in the memory foam. The technology lowers the skin temperature by an incredible 2 degrees centigrade. That’s huge! This happens to be my favorite because I love laying in cold fabric.


Last but not least is the Orthocare collection. This collection is designed to offer relief to people dealing with aches and pains. The mattresses have a steady foam created to provide both balance and support, and a breathable Temcel fabric covering for a soft and cool top layer. Orthocare mattresses include Harmony, with natureal latex and durable Vital foam to provide better air circulation; Symmetry, with a Therapoint foam that helps relieve pressure points; Balance, which comes with an Orthofirm foam for better back support; and their newest, the Biorytmic, which has 20 rejuvenating minerals that help promote energy and regulates the body’s biorhythm.

Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop - Uratex Premium
The Uratex showroom at the Ronac Lifestyle Center in Magallanes

I’d like to thank Uratex for inviting me to their Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop. Apart from it being so much fun, I learned so much as well.

Uratex U+1 Sleep Workshop - Uratex Premium
Can you spot me? :)

Remember, whatever your lifestyle, sleep should never take a backseat. Whatever reasons you may have for not having enough proper rest, it is vital, however difficult to tweak one’s lifestyle in order to meet this requirement to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Nowadays, people say YOLO (or You Only Live Once) when taking on challenges and living on the edge. But, in order to truly take whatever life throws at us head on, our bodies should be well prepared for it. And it all starts with proper sleep. This is the only way we can truly be able to live this single life we have at its fullest. Start by making the most important changes by investing on the right mattress specifically designed to improve your sleeping environment.

Because, YOLO, right? :)

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