Livin la vida LOCALLY – Love local. Buy local.

How often does one come across a drink product that not only truly refreshes and deliciously quenches one’s thirst, but is also uniquely packaged, wittingly named and supports the local community by giving back? Well, that is exactly what one of our local brands is doing through their amazing drinks called, LOCALLY!

locally - beverage - local - pinoy - drink - philippines

Locally… Love Local. Support Local.

For those not familiar with the name, Locally is actually a homegrown beverage brand that has become the first of its kind in serving uniquely different all-Pinoy flavors. What makes their flavors unique, you might ask. Well, these are the kind of flavors you probably never had in juice before! Flavors that are just as diverse and delicious as our Filipino culture.

locally - beverage - local - pinoy - drink - philippines

Who wouldn’t want to try out Locally’s many variants with quirky names such as these…

  • Mangosteenie Miney Mo — Mangosteen
  • Save The Best for Sineguelast — Sineguelas
  • You’ve Dalandan It Again — Dalandan
  • Guyabano-body But You — Guyabano
  • Merci Buco — 100% Coconut Water, Lychee flavor, and Buko Pandan flavor

I absolutely love every single flavor. It’s really hard to pick just one. But if I really had to, I’d probably go for Merci Buco… the 100% Coconut Water variant. Why? Because it doesn’t have any added sugar in it which is great for someone like me who is trying to cut down on sugar intake.

locally - beverage - local - pinoy - drink - philippines

I actually have a couple of Locally Merci Buco tetra packs stashed inside our fridge with my name on ’em. Hehehe!

locally - beverage - local - pinoy - drink - philippines

Locally also stands out because of its desire to highlight and showcase the Philippines’ various provinces and regions by way of using homegrown fruits sourced from different parts of the country. For example, their Mangosteens are harvested from Davao, their Tamarind come from Central and Southern Luzon, while the Calamansi they use are from Isabela.

locally - beverage - local - pinoy - drink - philippines

Locally’s efforts don’t stop there. Whenever you buy Locally products, know that you are also supporting our wonderful hardworking farmers as well our country’s farming community. It really is a great effort and a wonderful initiative that makes me proud to purchase products such as these.


So, the next time you drop by the grocery or a convenience store to grab something to drink, make sure to try out Locally. It’s a great drink that not only tastes uniquely great, but also gives back to others. It truly makes you feel good in more ways than one!

Bottoms up! :)


Bottled Juices – Php30.95 / Cans – Php24.50

Merci Buco – Php34.45 for 330ml / Php91.95 for 1L.

Instagram: @locally_ph

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