Gettin’ CHEESY (and loving it!) with Danes Cheese Ball

Hey, everyone! If you think that the season of feasting and enjoying great food is over just because Christmas Day has passed, well, you’re very wrong.

Every Pinoy knows that the holiday season is celebrated the longest here in our country. That means we still have until the celebration of Three Kings to enjoy more parties, get-togethers, and a good amount of festivities even at home with friends and family.

Take for example, The Dreys’ household. Loved ones and friends continuously — and sometimes suddenly — drop by our home to say hello and share some holiday cheer. Of course, making sure that guests have good food to eat when they’re around is top priority.

And since Media Noche (the feast on New Year’s Eve) is still upon us, a good amount of food preparations are still underway.

You see, the holiday season is all about traditions. What better way to celebrate tradition than with the food we all serve during the most festive time of the year.

In our home, you will find a good number of dishes that have lots of cheese. Why? Well… maybe because I LOVE CHEESE SO MUCH! If you ask me, cheese goes well with anything. In fact, I truly believe I will survive eating only cheese.

At any given time, you will find dishes such as Spaghetti, Pizza, Kakanin, and so much more — all thanks to my wife’s mastery of the kitchen and her love for cooking.

Danes Cheese Ball - HappyHoliDANES - Happy New Year

One staple on our dining table, whether for cooking or for snacking, is Danes Cheese Ball. I particularly love Danes Cheese Ball because it’s delicious, creamy and cheesy on its own. We love it mixed into our various dishes or solo.

Being cheesy is actually a good thing — especially with Danes Cheese Ball

Earlier today, my wife whipped up a couple of trays of yummy baked macaroni. As a finishing touch, she grated a generous amount of Danes Cheese Ball on top of it before baking. So, you’re probably wondering how good it was, right? OMG. I was blown away. No joke.

Danes Cheese Ball - HappyHoliDANES - Happy New Year

Just look at all that mildly deliciously burnt grated cheese from the Danes Cheese Ball which adds an incredibly delightful texture to this dish.

Danes Cheese Ball - HappyHoliDANES - Happy New Year

If you think about it, there are tons of other dishes that you can make using Danes Cheese Ball. Right off the top of my head I’m thinking of perhaps cheesier bibingkas, more flavorful spaghetti, and better tasting kutsinta!

So, go ahead and be “cheesy”! Hahaha! Be daring and incorporate Danes Cheese Ball into your other festive dishes and make it a part of your holiday tradition. I know I will.

Check out Danes’ cool video below…

Danes Cheese Ball is available in all leading groceries and supermarkets.

#HappyHoliDANES, everyone!

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