VLOG: Sportsfest at Kids World with The Dreys!

My wife and I are very competitive in every single thing we do. We love to outdo one another so much that it becomes hilarious at times.

So, it wasn’t any wonder that when our daughter’s (Isabella) school — Kids World — had their sportsfest last October 21, 2017, we attended the event with our game faces on. Hahaha! I’m always game for a little bit of competition every now and then. So was my wife.

kids world sportsfest - the dreys - #thedreys - ford everest

There were lots of fun activities during the sportsfest and I had a great time bonding with Ella’s other schoolmates and classmates, not to mention her teachers and other parents.

I also learned that Ella freaks out when her mom and I try to “dab” just like other kids nowadays. That’s why we tried doing it all the more, hoping it would annoy her again and again (as you will see in the video below).

Check out our Kids World sportsfest experience on my vlog

Enjoy my latest vlog entry below and I hope it makes your day somehow.

You can also watch the vlog via YouTube below…

Just another fun day with The Dreys! It was also a bonus that our team was the overall winner (GO PURPLE!) of the sportsfest. But, in truth… what matters most is that friendships were forged and friendly competition has promoted camaraderie between the faculty, students and parents.

Congratulations to Kids World for putting up a truly enjoyable sportsfest. I guess Yen and I have to start limbering up to prepare for the next limbo rock… Hahaha! And oh… a mental note to wear tighter pants next time so my undies don’t show. Hahaha!

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Till next time! Cheers!

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