VLOG: Durian Challenge FAIL!!!

I finally did it! I tried Durian! Much to the non-stop and persistent convincing of my wife to try it at least once.

During our recent trip to Davao City (last week), she figured there was no better time to do a Durian Challenge. So, with the participation of my wife and our very good friend, Mae Ilagan of “When In Manila”, I finally mustered up the courage to take on the notorious fruit known for its strong pungent smell.

The Durian Challenge was a success in a way — considering I did eat the fruit.

The outcome, however, is a totally different story as you will see on the video. LOL!

I took on the Durian Challenge. It wasn’t pretty!

Enjoy the video.

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Well, I guess Durian really isn’t for everybody. My wife loves it. Many of my friends as well. But it’s an acquired taste, me thinks. Who knows… perhaps my second go around with the fruit that “smells like hell but tastes like heaven” might have a whole different outcome — if there will be a second time, that is. Hahaha!

If you haven’t tried Durian yet, I suggest you take on the Durian Challenge, too. You might just enjoy it’s unusual taste. Lemme know your own personal experience with this fruit down at the comments section. I would love to hear from you.

Oh! I’d like to thank The Royal Mandaya Hotel in Davao City for allowing us to bring the Durian inside the hotel where we shot this Durian Challenge.

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