VLOG: Ubay and Sandugo Festival 2017 – Bohol getaway (Part 1)

Oh, God…! I’ve been meaning to make this post as soon as I finish editing my entire vlog entry about my recent trip to Bohol to explore the beautiful town of Ubay and to attend the annual Sandugo Festival.

I didn’t anticipate that it would take longer than expected completing the vlog post since I had something like 5 days worth of footage to work on. Yikes!

So, instead of forcing the issue, I decided to just split the vlog entry into two parts. Pretty reasonable considering that this first part which covers day 1 upto half of day 2 is already about 20 minutes long (what???). Yup.

Ubay - Bohol - Sandugo Festival 2017 - Philippines AirAsia

I had so much fun making this vlog entry mainly because I also had a great time during this particular visit. Kudos to the awesome folks from Ubay Tourism for making us feel right at home immediately.

Ubay - Bohol - Sandugo Festival 2017 - Philippines AirAsia
Vlogging during my trip using Nikon KeyMission 170 action camera, mounted on the Joby GorillaPod Magnetic.

The tourism department of Ubay is a mere two years old. On the video, you will notice that the place and their attractions aren’t fully developed yet, and understandably so. They are still building efforts on making the municipality a great place for tourists and locals to visit. There’s so many things to love in Ubay. And what’s great about it is that they aren’t like typical tourist spots in Bohol that showcase the usual beach resorts.

Ubay - Bohol - Sandugo Festival 2017 - Philippines AirAsia

In Ubay, Eco-Argi Tourism is their obvious strength (as you will see in the video below). I trust that with proper governance and direction, this place will soon become a must-visit destination in Bohol.

Check out PART 1 of my Ubay and Sandugo Festival 2017 VLOG

On PART 1 of my Ubay and Sandugo Festival 2017 (Bohol Getaway), you will see some of the amazing sights and activities I enjoyed there.

Check out my vlog below…

If you can’t play the Facebook video above, you can also watch it via YouTube below…

I hope you enjoyed watching PART 1 of my Bohol getaway vlog. Watch out for PART 2 very soon.

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Come back soon to catch PART 2 of my Bohol Getaway vlog! You’re not gonna want to miss it. Cheers!


Ubay - Sandugo Festival 2017 - AirAsia in Bohol

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