Joy Ride! by NutriAsia – Enjoy Pinoy food reinvented!

I love food because it evokes all sorts of emotions. Different flavors allow us to experience a variety of feelings and even nostalgia. I always look forward to trying out all kinds of dishes, old, new… and yes, even reinvented ones.

That’s why heading to the Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck was something I didn’t wanna miss just a couple of days ago.

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck
The Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck

It seemed that many other folks had the same idea as they trooped along with me to Luneta during Independence Day to visit the Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck, eager to have a taste of both traditional and new Filipino comfort food made with quality products of NutriAsia.

During my visit, I had a blast trying out some really interesting and reimagined food fare prepared by the amazing guys from GalaStars Culinary, headed by renowned chef Ernest Reynoso Gala. According to Corporate Marketing Consultant, Dang de Leon, they decided to tweak classic Pinoy comfort food to make the taste more appealing to millennials. And since it appealed to me… does that mean that I fall into the millennial category as well? Hahaha!

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck
Inside the Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck

Chef Gala is very excited about collaborating with NutriAsia. And I can see why. He says that NutriAsia has so many wonderful products which allows him, as a chef, to have lots of fun being creative with the recipes he is developing.

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck
Look! It’s Datu Puti!

It also helps that NutriAsia is the leading condiments brand in the Philippines, offering well-known products like Datu Puti and Mang Tomas. Their awesome pre-mixes, on the other hand, make cooking a whole lot easier, especially for homemakers who lead busy lifestyles.

The Joy Ride! by NutriAsia showcases reinvented mouthwatering dishes

Just what kind of new and reinvented dishes have I tried out, you ask?

Well, the Joy Ride! by NutriAsia’s bill of fare offers meals like Adoburrito (with a choice of Spicy Adobo and Humba Adobo) — a dish popular in the Visayas. The Adoburrito wrap is a combination of the popular adobo and burrito. Perfect for highly mobile young professionals in mind. And since each and every region in the country has its own version of adobo, NutriAsia puts their Datu Puti adobo series to maximum use.

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck
Dig in!

Other delicious choices at the the Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck are based on crowd favorites — usually a combination of dishes that are loved in the metro as well as in the provinces.

I also enjoyed the Pinoy Chicken Slider served with pan de sal and the Siga Bagnet Wrap, which is prepared using Mang Tomas Siga (a spicy version of the regular Mang Tomas sauce). It also has Datu Puti vinegar and cucumber to give a little more oomph! Yum!

And oh! How can I forget my favorite… Skinny Chix — irresistible chicken skin made crunchier and more flavorful using NutriAsia’s recently launched, first-in-the-market Golden Fiesta Big Crunch Fry and Shake, a breading mix in smoked barbeque, cheese, and sour cream variants.

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck

So, apart from using all these wonderful NutriAsia products, what makes these dishes also delicious is how the Joy Ride! food truck prepares the food. Chef Gala reveals that food preparation is done in GalaStars Culinary — from weighing and chopping to marinating, etc. They are then brought to the food truck. Everything is cooked on-site so that the food is fresh when served.

I actually noticed how much fun the guys from GalaStars Culinary were having inside the Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck. That obviously translated to food that people enjoyed and fell in love with. Chef Gala explains that when one has excellent condiments to work with, it is easy to adjust the taste and formulate the recipes. Cooking becomes “masarap masaya.”

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck

One more reason why people loved these great tasting offerings so much is because the food that was sold at the Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck ranged from P40 to P80 only. The brand makes their offerings as affordable as they can so that everyone can have a taste of their amazing food creations. Not only that…! The serving portions are actually larger than average. Perfect for friends and family who love to share.

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck

Of course, not only did I enjoy great food. This gastronomic adventure was made even more fun because of NutriAsia’s refreshing beverages that made for great pick-me-uppers during my visit. These drinks came in mangosteen, guyabano, kamias, dalandan and kalamansi flavors which, according to the folks from NutriAsia, are locally sourced Pinoy fruits that they have bottled into natural juices.

Catch the next Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck

Excited to try out these flavorful and exciting dishes as well? Make sure to watch out for the Joy Ride! by NutriAsia which started rolling out in Metro Manila this month, serving people at food parks, employees of business process outsourcing (BPO) companies and customers at bazaars, events and universities.

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck

Can’t wait to see where the next Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck pops up. I can’t get enough of their yummy offerings. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way once you try them out yourselves.

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia food truck

So, here’s to delicious flavors from new gastronomic creations made with only the best and flavorful condiments! *burp!* Excuse me. :)

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