AirAsia celebrates inaugural flight to Caticlan (Boracay)! Let’s go!

Summer is upon us! And what better way to enjoy the heat of the sun than by heading off to one of the best islands in the world — Boracay!

Philippines AirAsia - Boracay - Caticlan
Boracay, baby! :)

You’d be glad to know that our favorite (and world’s best) low cost airline — AirAsia — will allow guests traveling to Boracay this summer to enjoy more connectivity to the island with two new direct flights from Manila to Caticlan airport daily.

AirAsia celebrates their Manila – Caticlan inaugural flight

I was personally at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 4 earlier today as AirAsia celebrated its maiden flights to Godofredo P. Ramos Airport (Caticlan) with flight Z2 221 departing Manila on time at 10:55AM, followed by Z2 223 at 2:30PM, both with 100% load.

Philippines AirAsia - Boracay - Caticlan
Atty. Pastor Dalmacion – MIAA Chief Corporate Legal

Guests, media and passengers who attended the short AirAsia event before the maiden flight were all excited about AirAsia’s newest route to one of the world’s most sought after summer destinations.

Philippines AirAsia - Boracay - Caticlan
Capt. Gomer Monreal – Philippines AirAsia Director of Flight Operations

During the celebration, Philippines AirAsia Director for Flight Operations Captain Gomer Monreal said that they are thrilled to be finally flying to and from Caticlan using their big planes or jets after the much needed improvements and airport runway expansions have been completed.

Philippines AirAsia - Caticlan - Boracay
According to published reports, the newly constructed Nabas Apron at Caticlan Airport has nine parking bays with a single runway boasting of a total length of 1,800 meters, making it accessible for bigger and more modern aircrafts like the Airbus A320s and not just the smaller turbo propeller aircrafts.
According to Captain Monreal, travelers will get to see more of their Airbus A320s iconic red planes at Caticlan in the coming weeks as they will also begin to fly Cebu-Caticlan and Davao-Caticlan on April 22.

Philippines AirAsia - Caticlan - Boracay
With Anna Katerina Leusder – AirAsia Destination Marketing Manager
To celebrate AirAsia’s first flight to Caticlan, a send-off program was held at Manila’s NAIA Terminal 4 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by officials from AirAsia, Manila International Airport and Azalea Hotel with all guests on board the first flight getting free Sunnies sunglasses.

Philippines AirAsia - Boracay - Caticlan
AirAsia cabin crew showing off some Sunnies glasses which will be given to the Manila–Caticlan maiden flight guests

AirAsia flight Z2 221 was also welcomed with a water canon salute at Caticlan airport. AirAsia flights to and from Caticlan operate using the airline’s fleet of Airbus A320s which can accommodate up to 180 passengers.

Philippines AirAsia Manila - Caticlan Flight Sked

AirAsia also maintains 4x daily flights from Manila to Kalibo airport including international flights from Kuala Lumpur, China, and Incheon/Seoul. The airline voted the Worlds’s Best Low Cost Carrier for eight years running by Skytrax has earlier announced it will restart Clark-Kalibo flights on March 27.

Congratulations, AirAsia! Good job!

Philippines AirAsia - Boracay - Caticlan
In the photo surrounded by AirAsia cabin crew (L-R): Atty. Pastor Dalmacion – Chief Corporate Legal of MIAA, Capt. Gomer Monreal – Philippines AirAsia Director of Flight Operations, Adrian Ramirez – Azalea Hotels & Residences Group Marketing Communications Manager.
Well, folks… it’s a great time to paint the skies red and enjoy the beautiful island of Boracay! See you at the beach!

Philippines AirAsia - Caticlan - Boracay
My AirAsia E-Boarding Pass! See you in Boracay! :)

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