Devant’s 7:30 PM TV G2G – Using technology to bring family closer together

Technology is a great thing. Among other benefits, it makes our work much more efficient, it allows us to do things more conveniently, and it gives people access to information faster and easier than ever before.

But, at what cost?

You see, technology is a double edged sword. As we maximize and enjoy its seemingly limitless potential, we must also be cautious not to be burdened or hurt by it.

We constantly praise humanity’s advances in technology, not to mention the power of the internet, recognizing that because of it, the world has never been smaller and more connected.

Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G

While that may be the truth, many of us fail to realize that the very same technology that practically surrounds us everywhere we go, has also made us slaves of it. The very thing that has given us the power to be connected has, ironically, also been the very reason why human beings have slowly grown apart. People have become frighteningly addicted and dependent on technology that we have sadly become imprisoned by our devices and forgotten the importance of personal ties and truly “being” with someone and sharing meaningful moments with them.

It’s such a tragedy to see families living under the same roof and yet never really “being together”.

But, the good news is that we can do something about it. We can refuse to be enslaved by technology and instead use it to better our personal relationships and friendships — to build better foundations with the people that truly matter in our lives, especially our families. And it’s actually simpler than you think!

How, you ask?

Use a device that practically every household in the world has and turn it into the very thing that can help us create positive change — the TELEVISION.

Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G

If you think about it, there are greater opportunities today to create more bonding moments with family using TV because of the incredible technology we now harness and enjoy.

Just imagine… Cable TV alone has provided homes with seemingly infinite content. Broadband internet has given us a vast selection of video-on-demand services. And with Ultra HD Big Screen TVs (just like our awesome Devant UHD TV) becoming more and more affordable, enjoying television shows and movies have never been more immersive and breathtaking.

Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G

Back in the day, when I was way younger than I am now, I would always look forward to watching movies with my family. It was one of my most eagerly anticipated activities because it offered me an opportunity to escape and share wonderful moments with them. To laugh, scream, gasp or even cry together over films and shows, whether silly or epic, always made for great family bonding.

That’s why, now that I have a family of my own, I make it a point to regularly bring my wife and kids together to enjoy our favorite TV series and movies. Whether it’s a show on Netflix, an NBA League Pass game, a YouTube clip, or even a simple variety program, watching together is something we have come to truly value and always look forward to. And with good reason. When life happens, together with all the unavoidable distractions that come along with it, going out of our way to make quality time with family has never been more important.

Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G

Family is everything. That’s why I am truly glad to know that one of the brands I trust — Devant — shares the same value.

You see, home entertainment is a big part of Devant’s product line-up. And just like me, the brand recognizes that a family television plays an important role and symbol of making people come together. It is a response to neutralize and enhance the growing influence of technology.

Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G

It is this very convenience that Devant, aims to tap and promote by delving deep into what matters most: Family. Their tagline — “Changing lives in a big way” — best describes their mission and earnest hopes to instill the importance of strengthening personal ties by simply enjoying a simple habit… watching TV.

And as a husband and father to 2 wonderful children, I realize that nothing could be more important. That’s why I fully support Devant’s 7:30 PM TV G2G project.

What is Devant’s 7:30 PM TV G2G?

Through the project 7:30 PM TV Get Together, Devant hopes to create moments where people can take a break from their busy schedules, and spend some quiet, quality time with people they love the most. And hey… what better way to bond than by watching your favorite shows together on Devant’s Big Screen TVs, right?

Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G

Devant’s 7:30 PM TV G2G (Get Together, get it?) encourages people to make every evening a bonding night when families and friends get to enjoy their favorite shows and movies together. The experience, is of course enhanced via Devant’s Ultra HD Big Screen TVs complemented with surround sound to make bonding nights more memorable.

Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G

Actually, just last week #TheDreys (That’s us!) did a really fun Star Wars movie marathon. You see… my son and I are geeks. We love superhero movies, sci-fi flicks and everything Star Wars. My daughter knows nothing about Star Wars, while my wife has very little knowledge of it (What the heck, right?! LOL!)

Anyways, after the recent showing of Rogue One and with all the rave reviews of the film that have probably flooded my daughter’s Facebook feed, she got curious and suddenly expressed her interest to know more about it. So, I decided to do a Star Wars viewing activity seven nights in succession and use it as our daily family bonding activity. It was the best decision ever.

Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G

My son and I couldn’t be any happier observing the reactions of the two wonderful ladies in our lives as we watched the Star Wars saga night after night, episode after episode. I happily answered their questions when they sometimes got confused with the storyline and just enjoyed being in the moment.

Who would’ve thought that something as simple as watching television shows and movies at home with the family could make a significantly positive effect.

Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G

If it’s been a while since you’ve had some quality time with your family or if you’ve been meaning to find ways to bring loved ones together, might I suggest following Devant’s 7:30 PM TV G2G initiative by putting TV bonding time on top of your to-do list.

And hey… if 7:30PM is not the ideal time for your family to come together, that’s quite alright. You can choose a different time in the day (or night) and make that your regular G2G time. What matters more than anything else is that family bonding over great movies and television shows become a fun habit that you can all look forward to everyday.

Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G

Whether it’s families gathered in the living room, watching their favorite shows, children enjoying their favorite cartoons together, boys bonding over an exciting game, or girls sleeping over at a friend’s place for a movie marathon, Devant’s 7:30 PM TV G2G reminds us of the importance of strengthening the basic social unit of society.

Thank you, Devant, for making the 7:30 PM TV G2G movement a relentless battle cry and reminding us that coming together should be a lifestyle.

Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G

Well, guys… I gotta go for now. Excuse me as I prepare The Dreys’ new list of shows to watch for our next Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G viewing sessions — an exciting Marvel Cinematic Universe marathon (which my daughter has been bugging me to do for the longest time) and the entire 1st season of “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” on Netflix.

What will your family be watching together during your Devant 7:30 PM TV G2G time? :)

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