Putting the ‘Merry’ back into Christmas shopping

For the life of me, when Christmas comes around, I somehow find it really difficult to recall the items that friends and family want. I guess I’m not attentive in that sense, I think? The same goes for birthdays (Thank, God for Facebook reminders!) and, to a certain extent, yes… even names. LOL!

So, here’s the thing… I usually rely heavily on my wife’s suggestions when picking items to give as gifts to special friends and loved ones. But even so, there are many times when we do our Christmas shopping that we find ourselves stumpped, not knowing what particular thing to get. And believe me, once you’ve hit that blank wall, it gets very frustrating. I end up walking aimlessly and wasting precious time in the process.

SM Gift Card

And, oh! Racking my brain, thinking of gifts that I think friends and family would like, is just one thing. Braving the traffic and the Christmas rush is a whole different level of crazy as well. The swarms of people, banging bodies, and endless walking… it’s like going into battle.

Thankfully, I finally found a sure fire way to solve my dilemma which actually makes me wonder why I didn’t think of it any sooner.

The answer — an SM Gift Card!

The SM Gift Card is the answer to my Christmas shopping woes

The SM Gift Card solves a ton of my concerns. It takes away the guesswork of gift-giving since the recepient can use the Gift Card to get what he/she prefers. It’s like giving the gift of choice, so to speak.

SM Gift Card

Why particularly an SM Gift Card, you’re wondering? Well, because everything one could probably want is already there — SM retail establishments that offer a seemingly endless selection of items. Just imagine… 500 branches of The SM Store, Watsons, Toy Kingdom, Our Home, Uniqlo, Forever 21, Surplus, Kultura, Sports Central, Baby Company, Pet Express, The Body Shop, Miniso and many more. Plus, SM Gift Cards come in various denominations. And since SM Supermalls are located all over the country, it’s quite impossible not to find one near you.

Pretty cool idea, wouldn’t you think? No more waiting in line to have gifts wrapped. No more delivery woes. And best of all, recipients of these SM Gift Cards have the freedom to shop when they want, where they want.

So, if thinking about the horrendous traffic, long queues, and tiring long walks are taking away the life of the holiday spirit in you, know that, just like the true meaning of Christmas… there is “hope”.

SM Gift Card

I guess my wife is finally relieved to know that I don’t have to bug her too much on gift suggestions anymore. Remember… a happy wife means a happy life. LOL!

So, take my advice, folks… go for the SM Gift Card so you can have more of the merry and less of the scary during this season of giving.

Good cheer to all and a truly happy and memorable Christmas to everyone.

For more on details on the SM Gift Card, visit: http://www.smgiftcard.com.ph

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