Fall in love all over again with Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea, Makati

If there is one restaurant that never fails to excite me every single time, it most certainly has got to be Restaurant Tapenade at Discovery Primea in Makati City.

My visits there are always filled with great memories of delicious food with friends and family. All around great guy and boss of Primea’s kitchen, Chef Luis Chikiamco, really knows how to make get-togethers unforgettable through his culinary skill and creativity.

That’s why whenever Chef Luis has new dishes to showcase, I’m always there… well, every chance I get, that is.

Restaurant Tapenade - Discovery Primea - Makati

My recent visit to Restaurant Tapenade was just as exciting as Chef Luis revealed a good number of dishes which happen to be their newest additions to their menu, focusing on the captivating flavors of the Meditarranean.

Here are just some of the wonderfully new offerings that caught my attention which you can expect during your next visit to one of the Metro’s most beloved restaurants.

Restaurant Tapenade’s new dishes will make you fall in love all over again

It was love at first bite for me when I visited Restaurant Tapanade more than a year ago. During this recent visit, their new dishes have reminded me once again of why I fell in love so easily with this establishment. Feast your eyes on these wonderful offerings and you’ll immediately know why…

Chistorra Frita

Restaurant Tapenade - Discovery Primea - Makati

Fried Spanish sausage bites served with homemade ciabatta. OMG. I think I deliberately placed this dish close to me so I could get more of it. Hahaha!

Setas con Jamon

Restaurant Tapenade - Discovery Primea - Makati

A beautiful platter of a variety of mushrooms – portobello, shiitake and button, plus generous amounts of smoked prosciutto on top. Wow! More please!

Chicken Wings “Alla Diavola”

Restaurant Tapenade - Discovery Primea - Makati

A good kick makes for a more exciting dining experience, wouldn’t you say? Enjoy chicken wings that offer some appetizing heat complemented by mint yogurt on the side. Would you like some beer to go with that?

Crab Meat Lasagna

Restaurant Tapenade - Discovery Primea - Makati

Garfield would probably die of envy. The delectable flavor of crab meat mixed with fresh tomatoes and bechamel sauce. How can you resist?

Double Smoked Bacon, Goat Cheese & Scallion Ravioli with Black Olive Tapenade and Butter Sauce

Restaurant Tapenade - Discovery Primea - Makati

Need I even explain why this specialty was such a hit to me? Duh! Bacon! Not just any bacon… DOUBLE SMOKED BACON. I was immediately sold.

Piccante Dolce

Restaurant Tapenade - Discovery Primea - Makati

One incredible pizza! Spicy Salami, Provolone Cheese and Honey. I dare you to hold back.

Seafood “Arroz Caldoso”

Restaurant Tapenade - Discovery Primea - Makati

Brace yourselves for this heavy-hitter. This one-of-a-kind broth dish boasts of shrimp, snapper and clams in saffron-shellfish essence. It’s comforting and filling — the kind of dish you’ll be talking about long after you’ve gone home.

US Baby Back Ribs

Restaurant Tapenade - Discovery Primea - Makati

Meat-lovers, rejoice! You have not been forgotten! Get your protein fix with this sweet and spicy offering that captures the flavors of the Calabrian cuisine. Have at it!

Those with a sweet tooth are in no shortage of delights as well.

Bittersweet Chocolate Tartufo

Restaurant Tapenade - Discovery Primea - Makati

Italian Cannoli

Restaurant Tapenade - Discovery Primea - Makati

Moist Orange & Almond Cake

Restaurant Tapenade - Discovery Primea - Makati

Butterscotch Budino

Restaurant Tapenade - Discovery Primea - Makati

I had the time of my life enjoying each dish served that evening. It’s pretty obvious why. Chef Luis Chikiamco has given guests more reason to keep on coming back to Restaurant Tapenade.

So, if you’re looking for a couple of great dishes that are distinctly new yet comfortingly familiar at the same time, look no further. Restaurant Tapenade never fails to impress even the most discerning palate. This place remains to be one of the best places to enjoy spectacular culinary masterpieces at very reasonable prices.

Contact Details

Restaurant Tapenade is located at the ground floor of Discovery Primea, 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines / +63-2-9558888 / Instagram: @RestaurantTapenade


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