Wonderful World with Globe XI – A whole lot of wonderful!

Things just seem to keep getting better and better at Globe Telecom. Just when you thought Globe has revealed all of its wonderful surprises already, they hit you again with more blockbuster announcements that just leave you delightfully stunned and excited.

The recently held Wonderful World with Globe XI is no exception where the No. 1 telco company in the country showcased its latest partnerships as well as rewarding activities for its customers nationwide.

Wonderful World with Globe XI
Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu launches the new Globe Purpose at the 11 th Wonderful World with Globe, emphasizing how it redounds to its brand of customer service and experience.
Whether you’re a techie, a casual smartphone user, or someone who depends heavily on data and apps to get the work done, you will find much reason to celebrate.

Huge announcements during the Wonderful World with Globe XI

Let me fill you in on what went down during this huge event. Ready? Let’s begin…

During the Wonderful World with Globe XI (which was aligned with the company’s annual 917 celebration every September), the telco giant made known to the public their latest milestones for the quarter:

  • The activation of more 700MHz cell sites proven by live speed tests in QC, Ayala MRT-Makati, and Jollibee Shaw, Mandaluyong (Hey! This is very near where I live! Yay!) – registering speeds of up to (get this!) 80Mbps during rush hour. Nice!
  • Postpaid Data Roll Over and Sharing! Yep. Customers can now roll over their unused data to the next month or share it with other devices or users within the same account. This is really great news!
  • Love lipsyncing and bustin’ moves to the latest beat using Musical.ly? Well, it’s a great time to be a part of the Philippines’ number one telco if that’s the case, because this top music app just sealed its first ever telco partnership in the world with… you guessed it — Globe!
  • Get ready for Dream Big Princess — Globe and Disney’s first ever digital series as it searches for 6 new Disney Princesses.
  • Christmas is in the air at Globe. Get ready for “Christmas Carol” — Globe LIVE’s holiday production after its acclaimed staging of Green Day’s American Idiot.
  • Love expressing yourself through the clothes you wear? Perfect. Keep a lookout for “917 Apparel”, the launch of the Globe collection which features typography and pop-art designs.
  • Couch potatoes, TV and movie geeks, rejoice! NETFLIX is now FREE for six (6) months on new Globe Broadband and Postpaid plans!

Wonderful, right? There’s no other way to describe it.

Wonderful World with Globe XI
At the 11th Wonderful World with Globe, President and CEO Ernest Cu showcased proof of its effective efforts as it continues to activate more 700mHZ sites around the country. Cu showed live speed tests in Quezon City, Makati, and Mandaluyong, registering speeds of up to 80 Mbps during rush hour.
Apart from these announcements, during the Wonderful World with Globe XI celebration, activity booths were also placed around the area so media can experience some of the new products.

Wonderful World with Globe XI
Ernest Cu with Musical.ly President Alex Hofmann. Hofmann joined the Globe team to officially announce Musical.ly’s partnership with the #1 mobile brand in the country. The Musical.ly app remains popular among Filipino youth with over 4 million users.
Wonderful World with Globe XI

It was also an awesome month-long celebration of perks and surprises for Globe customers which included the following:

  • Doubled rewards points for shopping and dining (BENCH, M&S, KFC, SM Cinema, and more.)
  • P917 All-in AirAsia fares in select destinations.
  • And on the actual day of September 17 (that’s 9-17, get it?!), Globe staged a full day event filled with incredible activities open to everyone.

Some of the highlights during 917 Day included the kick-off of Globe Rock Sessions with Hale, Spongecola, and the rare opportunity to have in one stage some of the best rock performers led by Basti Artadi, Miro Valera, Norby David, Jayson Fernandez and Miggy Chavez.

Wow. What can I say? Apart from their wonderful service, Globe sure knows how to give customers the time of their lives — AND MORE.

Wonderful World with Globe XI
Globe once again welcomes more international partners as it continues to grow its portfolio of content for over 52 million mobile and broadband customers. Alongside President and CEO Ernest Cu were Chief Commercial Officer Albert De Larrazabal, Senior Advisor for Consumer Business Dan Horan, Head of Globe LIVE Joe Caliro and partners from Musical.ly, Netflix, Disney, and Warner, among others.
If you happen to be a Globe customer such as I am, there are so many things to look forward to once again. If you aren’t a Globe subscriber yet (but WHY?!), well then… it’s never too late to come along for the ride.

Truly… Globe continues to lead in digital content through its latest collaborations as proven during their Wonderful World with Globe XI celebration.

So, don’t be left behind. Find a Globe plan that best fits your kind of lifestyle and be part of this never ending party. Because, hey… just like how the popular Disney “High School Musical” song goes — “We’re all in this together…”

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