The iPhone 7 wait is almost over!

Well, it’s that time of the year again when you can feel that undeniable excitement in the air.

No, I’m not talking about Christmas which also happens to be just ’round the corner. I’m talking about that most anticipated time of the year when the newest model of the best phone (in my opinion) on the planet makes its way over to our side of the planet.

I’m talking about the Apple iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 - Globe

Are you ready for the iPhone 7?

The iPhone 7 has already made its coming out party in the US and other select countries a good few weeks back. As is tradition, Apple releases the newest models of their iPhones in phases. And since the next release phase that covers our region is soooooo close, I can’t quite contain my giddiness any longer!

iPhone 7 - Globe

iPhone 7 - Globe

It’s true that you can actually already get your hands on the iPhone 7 here in the Philippines through the grey market. But, given that the new models of these Apple devices haven’t officially landed here yet, the price tags of these Apple devices are absurdly high. How absurd? Well, the iPhone 7 Plus with a storage capacity of 128GB has a grey market price of anywhere between Php 85,000-100,000. WTF!

No, thanks. But hey… if the grey market decides to put a price that ridiculous on the iPhone 7, I guess that probably just means that there is always a rich sucker around who will bite. Hahaha!

Are you Team iPhone 7 or Team iPhone 7 Plus?

I’ve never owned a “Plus” model before. For some reason, I have always been happy with the size of my iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. But, this may very well be the year I make the leap to the iPhone 7 Plus. And with good reason!

iPhone 7 - Globe

What pushed me to go for the bigger model this year is the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual cam feature. Apart from sporting two physical lenses (normal and zoom) which perform incredibly, I am extremely excited to take advantage of its “Portrait Mode” feature which promises to produce professional quality photos that can rival DSLRs in terms of clarity and unbelievable Depth of Field (DOP)!

iPhone 7 - Globe

iPhone 7 - Globe

When Apple showcased the test shots made using iPhone 7’s “Portrait Mode”, it immediately blew me away. Not that I needed more reason to get the next iPhone, but this feature was just something I really knew I couldn’t pass up on.

Two more reasons why I can’t wait to get my hands on the new iPhone 7: BLACK and JET BLACK. Not that I’m getting one of each, though. I’m still deciding which of the two new colors I’m getting. I love Jet Black’s sleek and sexy appearance, but I’m also leaning towards Black’s ruggedly matte finish.

iPhone 7 - Globe

Other features I’m extremely excited for are the iPhone 7’s new virtual home button and its IP67 (waterproof) rating. Woot!

There’s just so much to love about the iPhone this year! Even if you’re not an iOS user, Apple’s newest devices may very well be the reason you make the big switch.

iPhone 7 - Globe

As is tradition for me, I’ll be getting my iPhone 7 from Globe Telecom, just like my previous iPhone models. And I have no plans of looking elsewhere. Why, you ask? Well, Globe has always allowed me to fully maximize the use of my iPhone through their innovative offerings, impressive mobile data services and wonderful coverage. I’m sure I can expect the same awesome experience when I get my iPhone 7 Plus from them.

I’m really hoping Globe announces soon. Coz I’m running out of nails to bite! Hahaha! :)

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