Has updating to iOS 10 bricked your device? Here’s the fix!

iOS 10 bricked my iPhone 6s when I updated OTA (“Over The Air” aka via device only).

I was so eager to update that the moment iOS 10 popped up on the Software Update section of General Settings, I just clicked on “Download and Update” and went to sleep.

iOS 10 - Apple - brick - device - itunes

To my horror, when I woke up, I was greeted by a bricked device! Holy hell!

iOS 10 - Apple - brick - device - itunes

With a flight on the same day and leaving for abroad, I didn’t want to end up phoneless! (I know. I know. I shouldn’t have updated so quickly considering I had a flight and all sorts of things could go wrong during an update. I should have known better).

iOS 10 woes are widespread

Apparently, according to reports, this glitch is widespread. Do not update via OTA for now. If you must update, make sure to do so via the iTunes method (wired) for now.

Note that not all iOS models/devices are affected. It happens to a lot… but not to every single device. Still, best to be safe. And make sure to backup device before updating.

BUT… if you have unfortunately already bricked your device through OTA update. The fix is relatively simple — IF you have a computer nearby with the latest version of iTunes (12.5.1).

All you have to do is connect your device to iTunes and re-update to iOS 10. Remember… UPDATE not RESTORE.

Your device will update and everything will be back to normal.

iOS 10 - Apple - brick - device - itunes

If, for some reason, downloading iOS 10 via iTunes is wonky or disappointingly slow (due to overloaded servers), you can download an iOS 10 ipsw file and use that to update your device via iTunes.

Make sure that your iTunes application is updated to the latest version (12.5.1) before updating. Previous versions will not work and will RESTORE your device instead. For some, it will downgrade you back to 9.3.5.

iOS 10 - Apple - brick - device - itunes

Note, though, that even with iTunes 12.5.1, some have reported that bricked devices cannot be UPDATED and only RESTORED — hence the importance of a backup.

Good luck on updating, folks!

Congratulations to those who have updated successfully already.

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