Break the mold like Cassie and Mina – Walang imposible!

Just because men, by nature, are physically stronger than women, doesn’t immediately make them any better.

Don’t you find it wonderful to see independent and empowered women who know how to be beautiful and dainty, yet (for lack of a better word) “badass” at the same time?

MySlim - Walang Imposible - Cassie - Mina

Folks, meet Cassie and Mina. Don’t be easily fooled by how they look because these ladies most definitely know how to “turn it up” and kick ass when needed.

These individuals best represent today’s strong women, as best shown through this amazing MySlim video below.

Cassie and Mina both happen to be members of the Philippine National Rugby Team. Yup! Not only that… Cassie is also a 2015 BodyCon Winner and a television host of a travel show.

MySlim - Walang Imposible - Cassie - Mina

Mina is a mom and, when not playing rugby, a SPED teacher, too!

MySlim - Walang Imposible - Cassie - Mina

Amazing, right?

In this day and age, gone is the old stereotypical image of women as fragile and frail. Now we embrace an era of equality in every sense of the word.

Anything is possible once you put your heart and mind into it.

MySlim - Walang Imposible - Cassie - Mina

So, ladies… don’t let perception hold you down. It is time to truly break the mold and show the world that age, status or gender are not factors to what you can or cannot do. Be an inspiration to other women and motivate others.

Just like Cassie and Mina, whatever your endeavors… just know na WALANG IMPOSIBLE!

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