Motorola VerveLife – The time to move is now

Music makes you move. It’s a fact. Whether you’re at your desk, at the gym lifting weights or out for a run, music sets the pace, motivates you and pushes you to go the extra mile.

When athletes and fitness buffs put on their headphones just before working up a sweat, it’s not just to look good (although it sometimes does, too), but mainly to get them in the zone and to stay in peak performance mode all throughout the activity.

Motorola VerveLife - True Wireless - Digital Walker

With this proven concept in mind, Motorola has come up with a new line of products called VerveLife. This new set of amazing devices have been recently launched just a couple of days ago and I was fortunate to have been there to see them unveil these items.

Motorola VerveLife products were developed and created to give people with an active, social lifestyle more freedom and connection to the world around them. It is suitable for anyone who seeks more productivity and those who just want to move more — like me!

Motorola VerveLife - True Wireless - Digital Walker

But as much as we love plugging in and fueling our activities with music, one still has to deal with the hassle of adaptors and wires which is, admittedly, quite a bummer. More flexibility and freedom is something aspired by many. This is what Motorola VerveLife strives hard to provide. And this is why I am very excited about it!

Motorola VerveLife - True Wireless - Digital Walker
Digits CEO – Charles Paw
You see, with these new products, anyone can achieve this balance and own their every movement with defined maximum connected convenience.

According to Digits CEO, Charles Paw, Motorola VerveLife is designed for individuals who want to have it all — and determined to get what they want. According to him, we are all moving towards a wireless age and we recognize that no one wants to be physically restricted or constrained. This is the beauty of technology, he adds. They continue to strive and address the needs of their consumers.

What is Motorola VerveLife?

Motorola VerveLife is a revolutionary collection of wireless video and audio products that, using their True Wireless technology, allow consumers full freedom to enjoy life and stay connected — even in the wettest, toughest environments and conditions around the world. Whether you’re an urban adventurer, looking for the next gym opening or looking for a big park to run in, Motorola VerveLife is also perfect for you.

Motorola VerveLife - True Wireless - Digital Walker

You will notice that there is definitely a Motorola VerveLife device that fits your kind of lifestyle. Check out some of their products below which they showcased during the launch…

VerveRider and VerveRider+

The Motorola VerveRider and VerveRider+ headphones sport a uniquely different form providing the perfect fit. These headphones include various removable ear gel sizes to provide just the right comfort. Apart from that, the contoured collar design of the VerveRider and VerveRider+ can be discretely hidden underneath your shirt. Both models can play up to 12 hours. The VerveRider+ boasts of IP57 water/sweat proof protection.

VerveOnes and VerveOnes+

The Motorola VerveOnes boasts a new generation of completely True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds. No wires at all — including its charging dock!

Motorola VerveLife - VerveOnes+ - True Wireless - Digital Walker

These earphones are designed to work with any smartphone (iOS and Android), tablet or computer. VerveOnes have up to 12 hours of battery life. The VerveOnes+ on the other hand are fully waterproof and sweatproof.


Motorola VerveLife - VerveLoop+ - True Wireless - Digital Walker
The VerveLoop+ are waterproof and sweatproof wireless stereo earbuds that are incredibly light, weighing a mere 15g only.  You can get up to 9.5 hours of music with a Bluetooth connectivity range of 150 ft.

More Motorola VerveLife products are on the way as well such as their very own wireless action camera — a QHD live-streaming lifestyle camera called the Motorola VerveCam+ — and a pretty cool GPS tracker for pets, so keep an eye out for them in the near future!

Motorola VerveLife - True Wireless - Digital Walker

The Motorola VerveLife product line gives users the best kind of mobility while exerting the right kind of effort — not too much and not too little.

Apart from that, much like apps that locate where your phone is, Motorola VerveLife is also accompanied with Hubble Connect, which optimizes the perfect sound, reviews and streams video, and finds the last connected location in case the product is lost. Awesome!

I couldn’t agree more with what Charles Paw said…

[themify_quote]“Technology is meant to enhance everyday living, not limit it. With Motorola VerveLife, we are creating more than just gadgets, but adventure companions you can always rely on.”[/themify_quote]

Motorola VerveLife - True Wireless - Digital Walker

Motorola VerveLife products are available at all Digital Walker branches as well as Astroplus/Astrovision, Mobile 1, The InboxStore, The Listening Room, Gadgets in Style and Games and Gadgets. Check them out and experience the power of Motorola VerveLife. It’s all about your move.

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