Share in Mau’s motivation and begin your own transformation

We all want to get fit and healthy. Some just lack the motivation. It’s not even a reason of time because one can always find a window, however busy, to put in the needed work.

The one thing that is usually the case which keeps us from doing the things we must do is MOTIVATION.

MySlim - Mau - Motivation

Now, how or where you get that needed motivation is really up to you. Some are driven by his/her desire to grow old with family… some are motivated to get healthy because of the demands of work. Others get in shape merely for the love of doing it.

MySlim - Mau - Motivation

In Mau’s case, it was a sudden realization after a devastating loss that motivated his desire to stop his old ways and change for the better.

Be motivated my Mau and his transformation

Watch this short MySlim motivation video below…

I, too, was once incredibly overweight. I used to weigh 185 lbs. with a waistline of 36″. Many years of a sedentary lifestyle finally took its toll and it wasn’t good at all. All of a sudden, during one of those random days, I just realized that I didn’t want to end up with health complications when I grow older. Aging healthy and being there — able and active — for my children as they grow up was my main motivation.

myslim - motivation - mau

It was now or never. I realized that if I didn’t push myself to hit the gym while I was young, it would be more difficult for me to do it when I’m older and less able. And so, I pressed on. I lifted weights and did my cardio religiously and never skipped a day, even weekends. I changed my eating habits and the kind of lifestyle I led.

In no time, I lost 50 lbs. and went down to 135 lbs with a waistline of 30″. Getting fit and investing the time and effort to be in the best shape of my life wasn’t easy — yet it was enormously rewarding.

I hope that Mau’s story and my very own experience will help motivate you to become healthy and live your life to the fullest.

Nothing is impossible. Especially for a person with the right motivation and the proper mindset.

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