PositiviTEA – Lipton Ice Tea x Sarah Geronimo team up

I love iced tea. Especially since the time I quit taking all kinds of soda over 7 years ago. It has become my go-to refreshment during hot and humid days and whenever I need a quick pick-me-upper.

When it comes to bottled ice teas, Lipton Ice Tea has always been a top choice not only for its taste but also because it has the benefits of real tea.

Lipton Ice Tea represents positivity because its uniquely refreshing taste can certainly lighten up any situation. Apart from that, Lipton Ice Tea is made from real tea extracts which help uplift anyone’s mood.

Lipton Ice Tea - PositiviTEA - Sarah Geronimo

But more than anything, I’m always for good health and staying fit. That’s why I’m very picky with the brands and products I depend on, like Lipton Ice Tea. That’s because it packs the known health benefits of tea with no artificial flavors and with low calories. The top-selling Red Tea variant is only (get this!) 30 calories per 100ml bottle. This makes it an ideal choice not only for me but also for today’s perennially on-the-go millennials who are always on the lookout for quality products to fuel their lifestyles and passions.

And since Lipton Ice Tea is the go-to drink for our health conscious youth who want better options, what better person to best represent Lipton than the country’s one and only Popstar Princess.

Sarah Geronimo and Lipton Ice Tea – spreading positiviTEA all around

Lipton Ice Tea - PositiviTEA - Sarah GeronimoSarah Geronimo is officially the new face of the world’s number one tea brand for its bottled ice tea products in the Philippines. The phenomenal superstar—whose impressive career has spanned widely successful albums and concerts to box office-smashing films—joins the world-renowned brand in spreading “positiviTEA” through the refreshing taste of Lipton Ice Tea.

According to Katrina Paras, Lipton Ice Tea brand manager, Sarah embodies the best traits of many millennials today — dynamic, multi-faceted, full of inspiration and brimming with positivity despite the challenges along the way. PositiviTEA is all about choosing to see the bright side and focusing on the good instead of sulking over the bad.

Paras added, “Lipton Ice Tea’s unique formulation and world-class taste can certainly uplift anyone’s mood, and with Sarah on board, we’re excited to jumpstart the ‘positiviTEA’ revolution with her.”

So, just like Sarah and countless others who want more than just a sweet drink, grab some positiviTEA in a bottle by enjoying a delicious round of Lipton Ice Tea. Cheers!

Lipton Ice Tea - PositiviTEA - Sarah Geronimo

Lipton Ice Tea is available in three variants—lemon, red tea and green tea. Visit Lipton Philippines’ official Facebook page for updates at http://www.facebook.com/liptonphilippines.

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