My list of places to eat in Penang, Malaysia

The diversity in ethnicity, religion and culture in Penang — particularly in George Town — is what makes this place a huge draw to tourists and travelers seeking great tasting offerings. This popular place is undoubtedly every foodie’s wonderland. It’s an incredible place where contasting flavors collide, matched with the amazing ambiance of Chinatown.

places to eat in penang - malaysia

Here, you will find a variety of flavorful offerings that aren’t just delicious but incredibly affordable, too!

Ready to check out these amazing places to eat in Penang? Let’s go!

Some of the great places to eat in Penang, Malaysia


Looking for more extraordinary places to eat in Penang? Experience uniquely flavorful Nyonya cuisine at Perut Rumah.

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Nyonya cuisine, also called Peranakan food, is a blend of Malay and Chinese fare. It is deliciously different and something you definitely shouldn’t skip.

Kuih Paiti

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Bee Koh Moy (Black Glutinous Rice Broth)

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Contact Details:

Jalan Bawasah (opposite Chime Heritage)
George Town,


I enjoyed this stop a whole lot. Teochew Cendol actually reminds me of those delicious street food treats I would enjoy in Manila like “scrambol” and sorbetes.

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

During your adventure of finding unique places to eat in Penang, stop by here and indulge in a bowl of green pea noodles, shaved ice, pandan flavored coconut milk, kidney beans, sweetened using coconut palm sugar. Incredible!

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

If you enjoy eating halo-halo, you’ll love Teochew Cendol.


If Indian cuisine is more to your liking, Gem Restaurant should be right up your alley.

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Enjoy Northern and Southern Indian fare together with a couple of other contemporary offerings. All dishes are prepared by Indian Chefs ensuring that you truly get authentic Indian flavor.

Butter Naan

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Chicken Briyani

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Contact Details:

66 Bishop St, 10200,
George Town,
Penang Malaysia
T: 604-2624070 (office)
F: 604-2614159
E: [email protected]


Tai Tong Seafood restaurant is what one would consider a mom and pop operation. Members of the family man the business keeping customers happy and satisfied.

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

This establishment is owned by Niam Shean Hee and his wife. Their son helms the kitchen ensuring the quality and taste of every dish that is brought out.

Scallops Cheese Thermidor

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Deep fried Fresh Mantis Prawns in Salted Egg

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

3 Layer Tea – A must-order!

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Business Hours:

12NN – 10:30PM
Closed on Tuesdays but open on Public Holidays

Contact Details:

4, Jalan Hassan Abbas,
11050, Teluk Bahang,
Penang, Malaysia
(Near Penang National Park Entrance,
Muka Head Light House)
E: [email protected]
T: 604-885 1693


Wondering where the best place to enjoy street food is at? In my opinon, no other country in Asia comes close to Malaysia when it comes to street food. Particularly George Town in the tropical island of Penang.

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

During my visit to Penang, it was a happy coincidence that the hotel where I was staying at — Sunway Hotel Georgetown Penang — happened to be situated on the very street where one of the most popular hawker food areas in Penang is located – New Lane.

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

New Lane is the exact place where Anthony Bourdain stopped by to try one of Penang’s most popular street food — Char Kway Teow (stir-fried ricecake strips).

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Food here are sold at very affordable prices. And I mean VERY. To give you an idea… my order of 2 legs of roasted duck with rice only cost me RMY 7.50 (Php 88.26).

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

My wife ordered assorted meat with rice at RMY 5.00 (Php 58.84).

Check out a quick Facebook Live Video I posted during my visit to the Hawker food area.

Make sure to check this place out when the sun begins to set and night takes over. The street just comes alive, bursting with food and festivities. Truly one of the best places to eat in Penang.

Special Mention: McDonald’s

You’re probably curious as to why I had to put McDonald’s in the list. Well, simply because they serve a couple of things that McDonald’s in the Philippines doesn’t.

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Here are a couple of items you should order…

Mega Big Mac

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Your typical Big Mac but served with 4 patties. Wow.

Triple Cheeseburger

Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Yep. This baby just one-upped our good ol’ Double Cheeseburger.


Where to eat in Penang - Malaysia

Yup! Congee! Really.

Banana Pie

This item always gets sold out early every damn day. It’s like people are hoarding them. I didn’t get the chance to try it because of how in-demand this offering is. Even other branches of McDonald’s run out of it right away — including the airport. It must be really good for stocks to run out so quickly.

There you have it folks! Just a couple of places to eat in Penang which you definitely shouldn’t miss during your visit. Be adventurous and make the most of your stay in Penang by really immersing yourselves and learning about the place’s diverse culture through the flavors of their incredible food.

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Sunway Hotel Georgetown Penang - Malaysia

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