Masflex – 25 years of wonderful culinary moments

I may not know how to cook but I know quality cookware and kitchenware when I see one. My mother loved cooking when I was growing up and made sure she had only the best equipment to work with.

Back in the day, top quality kitchen items would cost an arm and a leg. Apart from that, there really wasn’t much to choose from. Top quality pots and pans were incredibly pricey while on the other side of the spectrum, there were only those flimsy substandard (albeit very affordable) kitchenware.

Masflex - 25th anniversaryBut that was then.

Now that I’m married to a wife who loves cooking just as much as my mother, I understand the importance of having the right kind of cookware. And since better options are easier to come by nowadays, the challenge now is really more on knowing which brand to trust among the lot.

I don’t claim to know which is best… but I trust my wife to know what brand to rely on when it comes to the kitchen. This is her territory. And the brand she has learned to trust because of quality and affordability throughout these years is Masflex.

Masflex – A trusted brand by our family for years

Masflex was introduced in the Philippines back in 1989. During that time, it most definitely filled a huge void in the market that needed quality cookware and kitchenware without the absurdly high prices. Because of this, Masflex started to become a trusted household name — a brand that chefs, cooks and homemakers have long relied upon until today.

Masflex just recently celebrated their 25th anniversary to much fanfare. It is no wonder that countless friends and trusted names in the cooking industry gathered together during this momentous occasion.

My wife and I were also in attendance, being one with Masflex as they celebrated a quarter of a century of providing finely crafted cookware.

Masflex - 25th anniversary
Attending the 25th Anniversary celebration of Masflex with my wife.

At the celebration’s venue, Masflex showcased their different collections of masterfully created products ranging from high-end to affordable — all carrying the brand’s signature of quality. Check out some of these items below…

A quick look at some Masflex products

Masflex - 5-Layer Diamond Coating Series
5-Layer Diamond Coating Series
Masflex - 25th Anniversary
Stainless Steel Collection
Masflex - 25th Anniversary
Non-Stick Aluminum
Masflex - 25th Anniversary
Forged Aluminum with Stone Non-Stick Coating
Masflex - 25th Anniversary
Forged Marble Non-Stick Induction Cookware

Welcome the new Masflex brand Ambassador

During the festivities, and to the delight of everyone, Masflex also introduced their new brand ambassador — the self-proclaimed “Adobo Queen” and kitchen rockstar, Nancy Reyes-Lumen.

Masflex - 25th Anniversary
Nancy Reyes-Lumen

It makes perfect sense for them to come together since Masflex and Nancy Reyes-Lumen are both trusted and beloved household names in the industry.

Nancy Reyes-Lumen comes from the prominent Reyes family of The Aristocrat Restaurant fame. She is an incredible cook and a true lover of food. While constantly coming up with new and amazing dishes, she is also hands-on in The Commissary Kitchen which she also happens to be a part owner of.

During the Masflex anniversary celebration, Nancy imparted some of her culinary know-how to guests and also shared some very valuable tips on how to care for your cookware and kitchenware.

Masflex - 25th Anniversary

Nancy also happily shared some of her recipes such as “Mommy Nena’s Kinulob”, “Lola Mereng’s Adobo sa Beer” and “Rodrigo’s Roast” which I absolutely fell in love with when I first tasted it at F1 Hotel Manila’s “Luzviminda 4: Heirloom Recipes” launch a couple of weeks ago.

Masflex - 25th Anniversary
Mommy Nena’s Kinulob
Masflex - 25th Anniversary
Lola Mereng’s Adobo sa Beer
Masflex - 25th Anniversary
Rodrigo’s Roast

Nancy considers this new partnership with Masflex a “love affair” between her, the brand, and the love of cooking.

And since our family loves food just as much as my wife loves cooking them, I’d like to think that Masflex is every bit a part of our family as well.

So, to you, Masflex, I raise my spoon and congratulate you on your 25th anniversary! May you continue to touch the lives of many more households and provide countless memorable moments through cooking and good food. Cheers!
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Visit the official website of Masflex here.

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