Freezer Burn at Bonifacio High Street, BGC – My kind of burn!

Ice cream parlors are a dime a dozen all over the metro. It’s easy to find a place that can easily give you a quick fix when you’re craving for something cold, creamy and sweet.

But when you really want to take your appreciation of ice cream to a whole new level, nothing could possibly come close to the newly opened Freezer Burn at Bonifacio High Street, BGC.

Freezer Burn - BGC - Ice Cream

Freezer Burn is Tasteless Group’s newest concept ice cream store. In case you aren’t aware, Tasteless Group happens to be the company behind popular (and successful) establishments such as Hole in the Wall, Scout’s Honor, Fowl Bread, Le Petit Souffle, and much more.

Freezer Burn - BGC - Ice Cream

With Chef Miko Aspiras taking his culinary creativity to new heights and Kristine Lotilla in charge of the kitchen, Freezer Burn serves up some of the quirkiest and most unique frozen creations that will tickle your imagination just as much as your palate.

Freezer Burn offers uniquely delicious creations

Just how unique are their offerings? Well, I recently visited this beautifully designed establishment to try out some of the items on their menu and each one happily surprised me just as much as they blew me away. Take a look at a good selection of their specialties below (priced at Php 295.00 each)…

Freezer Burn - BGC - Ice Cream
“Cream of the Crop” – Corn and Cheese Ice Cream + Toasted Honey Cake, Cornicks and Cotton Candy
Freezer Burn - BGC - Ice Cream
“BBPPBB” – Browned Butter Pecan Ice Cream + Peanut Butter Waffle Liege and torched bananas
Freezer Burn - BGC - Ice Cream
“OLAI” – Chocolate ice cream + Churros
Freezer Burn - BGC - Ice Cream
“Thick Mints” – Mint Stracciatella Ice Cream + 5 bite Brownies and extra chocolate in a syringe.
Freezer Burn - BGC - Ice Cream
“Ketchup Mayo Fries” – Ketchup and Mayo Ice Cream + Salt and Pepper Fries
Freezer Burn - BGC - Ice Cream
“Morning Glory” – Maple Bacon Ice Cream + Brioche Toast and Popcorn

Most of the flavors that Freezer Burn serves up may seem to be too unconventional, but that’s the point! Being innovative is what makes this establishment stand out from regular crop of ice cream stops. It is worth noting as well that all offerings and specialties found here are baked, cooked and prepared right at the Freezer Burn shop.

Freezer Burn - BGC - Ice Cream

And before you hastily judge these uncommon delights to be too weird for your taste, I highly recommend that you try them out first. You’d be pleasantly surprised to discover that these fun and amazing flavors actually work. And they work spectacularly!

Freezer Burn - BGC - Ice Cream

Head on over to Bonifacio High Street and find out why Freezer Burn is quickly becoming the talk of the town. Believe me… there ain’t nothing like it — and that’s a good thing!

Freezer Burn - BGC - Ice Cream

I’m sure you’ll agree that this kind of burn is something you’d like to have over and over again.

Contact Details

B3 Ground Level
Bonifacio High Street,
Fort Bonifacio Taguig City
Instagram: @freezerburnph

Visit Freezer Burn’s official Facebook page here.

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