Jodi and Thirdy joins the Jollibee family as the latest Jolly Spaghetti endorsers

Jollibee recently welcomed Jodi Sta. Maria and her son, Thirdy, as the newest brand ambassadors for Jolly Spaghetti during the media launch held at the Ortigas Roosevelt branch.

Jollibee - Jolly Spaghetti - Jodi Sta. Maria - Thirdy
Jodi and Thirdy, who stars in the latest TV commercial for Jolly Spaghetti, shared their own personal experiences, from happy memories when she was a kid and to how she now enjoys the same bonding moments with Thirdy. The Jolly Spaghetti Sweet-Sarap Moments event also featured fun games for the media guests and their kids.

Batang Jollibee at heart

Jodi confesses to being a certified Batang Jollibee, even before she got into show business. Her mother worked hard to raise Jodi and her siblings, but made sure to devote her Saturdays to quality time over her children’s favorite Jollibee treats.

Jollibee - Jolly Spaghetti - Jodi Sta. Maria - Thirdy
Growing up, Jodi said she would often order Jolly Spaghetti and Jolly Hotdog, and it became staples in her bonding moments with her mom. Now that she’s a mother herself, she wants to pass on the same joyful experience to Thirdy. The 10-year old loves the cheesy, meaty, and sweet-sarap flavors of Jolly Spaghetti.

Perfect Choice for Jolly Spaghetti

Jollibee likewise is equally happy and excited to welcome Jodi and Thirdy to the family.

Jollibee - Jolly Spaghetti - Jodi Sta. Maria - Thirdy
Warm welcome. The Jollibee team (L-R) – Regional Business Unit Head for Metro North Mike Castro, AVP for Marketing Kent Mariano (fourth from left, back), PR Director Arline Adeva, Chief Global Marketing Officer for Jollibee Global brand Francis E. Flores (6th from left, back), Assistant Brand Manager for Jolly Spaghetti Luis Berba and Corporate PR and Events Manager Dennis Reyes, gave Jodi and Thirdy a warm and jolly welcome to the Jollibee Family.

“Jodi and Thirdy are the perfect endorsers for Jolly Spaghetti,” said Kent Mariano, Jollibee Assistant Vice President for Marketing. “Despite Jodi’s celebrity status and hectic schedule, she believes in making even the smallest of moments count when it comes to strengthening her bond with Thirdy and her family. Jodi’s own story and personal experiences of bonding with her mom and now with her son is something that many Pinoy families can relate to. We at Jollibee have always proud to be part of such memorable moments.”

The latest TVC features Jodi reminiscing her bonding moments as a kid with her mom, and fast forward to the present, Jodi letting Thirdy experience the same happy moment while enjoying their favorite Jolly Spaghetti.

Jollibee - Jolly Spaghetti - Jodi Sta. Maria - Thirdy
This bit of news kinda made me nostalgic as well. It immediately reminded me of the fun times I’d spend enjoying a good round of Chicken Joy and Jolly Spaghetti with friends or family when I was way younger decades ago. Even when I had my first child, celebrations at Jollibee have always been a regular thing. Our son’s 2nd birthday was even held at Jollibee’s old Crossroad Arcade branch in Greenhills (the place where Promenade now stands).

It’s always great to escape back to childhood every now and then. Jollibee is one of the fastest ways one can do that. In fact, now looks like a great time to feel like a kid again, don’t you think? Tara! Jolly Spaghetti, anyone? :)

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