Chili’s Craft Burgers – A new reason to visit Chili’s!

I love burgers. Too a fault actually. Sometimes, I would find myself in swanky dining destinations which serve amazing dishes only to end up ordering a burger when I find one on the menu. But that’s me, what can I say. Burgers complete me. :)

So, when a restaurant features new dishes which includes burgers in ’em, I am immediately there. I just couldn’t help but personally find out what makes a particular establishment’s burger special.

This is what has drawn me to Chili’s recently. Burgers. Chili’s Craft Burgers to be exact.

You see, Chili’s has come up with a new set of burger creations that they believe will delight old and new customers alike.

Enjoying the new Chili’s Craft Burgers

True enough, these new Chili’s Craft Burgers look impressive. Sadly, my tummy could only hold so much so I was only able to order 2 of their new burger offerings. Check them out.

Chili's Craft Burgers
Classic Bacon Burger
Chili's Craft Burgers
Southern Smokehouse Burger

I was also tempted to order a delicious bowl of Chili Soup. OMG. I loved it!

Chili's Craft Burgers
Chili Soup

The beans, the soup and the melted cheese — incredible.

Chili's Craft Burgers
Chili Soup

If you love these kinds of dishes and haven’t tried the Chili Soup, you just have to drop your things and head over there.

Of course, the same goes for these new selections of Chili’s Craft Burgers. Most definitely worth your time and hard-earned moolah.

Here are other dishes I enjoyed during my visit…

So, if you haven’t been to Chili’s in quite a while (but why?!) or if you haven’t really gotten ’round to trying the incredibly flavorful Chili’s Craft Burgers, you’re missing out on some really great offerings.

Oh, man! All this talk about burgers has made me hungry again. Hahaha! Looks like I’ll be making a quick stop to Chili’s again tonight and make my grumbling tummy happy.

See you there! :)

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