Whistleblower – A very timely political suspense thriller!

I was recently invited to a special private screening of a new locally produced film entitled, “Whistleblower”, which is scheduled to be released in Cinemas on April 6, 2016.

Whistleblower poster

This Unitel produced film which stars Nora Aunor, Cherry Pie Picache & Angelica Panganiban is a political suspense thriller that seems all too timely considering how close we are to electing new leaders for our country.

Whistleblower – My personal take on a very timely film

Apart from the title, “Whistleblower”, I came into the screening not really knowing what plot to expect apart from the fact that the film most likely revolves around the story of a person who has become a — you guessed it! — whistleblower. But knowing that the movie is top-billed by Nora Aunor, one of the country’s best actress, and someone whom I have been fortunate to have worked alongside with in a beloved movie called, “Lola Basyang” back in the mid-80s, I somehow knew immediately that I was into something good.

Whistleblower - Nora Aunor

Whistleblower’s synopsis is as follows:

“In a world of dirty and two-faced politicians, Zeny Roblado (Nora Aunor), a quiet unassuming accountant, becomes embroiled in a dangerous struggle between the scheming Lorna Valera (Cherry Pie Pecache) and the powers Lorna serves. Desperate, Zeny turns to reporter Teresa Saicon (Angelica Panganiban) to expose the truth. But what truth will Zeny reveal? And at what price? As the lies begin to unravel, who will be left standing? Kapag nagipit, sino ang sasabit?”

A mix of emotions gripped me during the entire course of watching Whistleblower – which is a very good thing actually. As soon as the opening credits start rolling and the moment the first image appears on screen, the story begins unraveling at a pace that just glues you to your seat.

Whistleblower - Cherry Pie Picache

The treatment of Whistleblower is such that the film’s storyline shifts constantly yet seamlessly from present time to flashback scenes. Don’t worry about getting confused along the course of the movie, though. The storytelling is told in such an effortless way that the audience need not analyze these jumps with much difficulty.

Whistleblower - Angelica Panganiban

The film not only focuses on the main plot but also does well in humanizing the protagonist, Zeny (Nora Aunor). It allows the viewer to understand the personal difficulties and tremendous struggles a whistleblower has to go through and how it not only affects her but the people she loves as well – a perspective that is hardly ever seen when we watch actual trials and investigative hearings on television.

Whistleblower - Carlo Aquino and Nora Aunor

I guess it helps that we Filipinos relate so much to stories like these, sadly because of how common scandals and controversies are to us in this country. But apart from being able to just simply relate, Whistleblower somehow awakens each viewer’s conscience and asks us if we, as a Filipino people, are doing enough to stop this seemingly unending problem.

Whistleblower - Courtroom

You will notice a good number of notable and prominent actors and actresses in bit roles and cameos throughout the film – artists which, according to Unitel head honcho Mr. Tony Gloria, have willingly taken a pay cut just to be part of what they believe is a masterpiece in the making. Laurice Guillen, Ricky Davao, Rosanna Roces, Bernardo Bernardo and Ina Feleo are the just some of the artists who have generously offered their time and talent to help make Whistleblower an incredibly gripping motion picture.

Considering how the film eerily matches one of our nation’s biggest scandals as of late (believe me, you’ll know which one when you watch the movie), it is interesting to note that the idea of Whistleblower has actually been brewing in Mr. Gloria’s mind for 4 long years already. Believe it or not, the move to release this flick right before our national and local elections was not deliberate at all. Nevertheless, Whistleblower’s uncanny timing makes it, in my opinion, all the more a “must-watch” picture before heading out to the polls.

Whistleblower - Nora Aunor and Cherry Pie Picache

If you love political thrillers like I do, expect Whistleblower to not disappoint. Now, in case you feel a bit reluctant whether to watch this film or not, I sincerely urge you to do so. Support the film not simply because of the powerful performances and impressive production value, but also because it has a clear message. Watch Whistleblower because this movie is meant to open our eyes and make us, as a nation, feel uncomfortable enough to take more concrete actions against corruption in government.

This masterpiece is hopefully the hit in the head we Filipinos so desperately need to come to our senses.

Whistleblower opens April 6, 2016.

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