Mikey Bustos + Shop Guam Festival = 1 hilarious parody video!

For a good majority of people, there is nothing more relaxing than a day spent destressing by way of retail therapy aka “shopping”!

And there’s no better place, perhaps, to go gaga over great finds than in the beautiful island of Guam where they are currently having their Shop Guam Festival – the largest shopping campaign in the region.

I know this for a fact since I was just recently there to join the Guam Ko’Ko’ Road Race Half-Marathon and Ekiden Relay 2015. The Shop Guam Festival had only kicked off then. True enough, during my visit, there were great finds and ridiculously huge discounts in almost every store you enter.

Now, in order to create more awareness and further highlight this must-not-miss festival, the Guam Visitors Bureau (Guam’s official tourism agency) together with former Canadian Idol contestant and one of YouTube’s biggest breakout stars, Mikey Bustos, have come up with a hilarious music video parody that showcases the awesome things you can experience (and buy, of course) during the Shop Guam Festival.

Mikey Bustos - Shop Guam Festival

In his latest parody released recently on Facebook and Youtube, Mikey Bustos once again entertained the world with wacky puns and funny antics. Arranged to the tune of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”, Mikey made a video about a girl named “Carmela” who loves to shop – especially on her payday! Carmela loves to shop so much, they had to travel to Guam to do it, considering that it is the Asia and Pacific region’s most popular shopping destination.

Know more about this funny Shop Guam Festival music video by Mikey Bustos

Running a little over three minutes, the music video follows Mikey Bustos and Carmela travelling throughout Guam’s best boutiques and malls, with Mikey comically lugging around shopping bags as Carmela continues to shop to her heart’s content. It ends on a warm and touching note, showing that everything that Carmela bought is sent directly back to the Philippines – packaged as gifts for her parents.

Mikey Bustos - Shop Guam Festival

The representatives of the Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) assisted Mikey Bustos’ team throughout the shoot, making sure that the video captures all of Guam’s natural beauty and its best shopping spots.

Mikey Bustos - Shop Guam Festival

Watching Mikey Bustos’ video is much much better than listening to me describe it, obviously. So, without further ado, here is Mikey Bustos’ hilarious parody music video. Enjoy!

In case the first player doesn’t work, you can try YouTube video below from Mikey Bustos’ channel.

At just 48 hours after its release, the video already racked-up over a million views with thousands upon thousands of likes, comments, and shares on Facebook. Comments on both the popular social media site and on YouTube reveal how the story resonates with many of Mikey Bustos’ Filipino fans, noting that while shopping can be a personal thrill, it can also be dedicated to the special people in their lives.

Mikey Bustos - Shop Guam Festival

If you truly enjoy shopping (and who doesn’t?), make sure to head on over to Guam and take advantage of the Shop Guam Festival. Be pleasantly surprised to know how much great stuff you can “shop” even with a very tight budget. Seriously!

Happy shopping, folks!

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If you want to learn more about Guam and the Shop Guam Festival, and everything that it can offer its guests, visit www.facebook.com/visitguamph, or you may follow the @visiguamph page on Instagram.

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