SkyJet Airlines – A delightful flying experience!

Traveling, as merry and exciting as it sounds, can also be quite stressful. The act of traveling itself, I mean. As enjoyable as it may be to explore new sights and discover new things, the first thing one needs to deal with is “getting there”. And though I have always been one who believes that half the fun of a trip is the travel itself, it becomes all the more delightful when the voyage is worry-free. That’s why it’s always a joy to discover new travel options that combine affordability and pleasant service.

SkyJet Airlines - Transition Lenses - Batanes

During my recent trip to Batanes, I had the opportunity to experience flying via SkyJet Airlines.

SkyJet Airlines - Transition Lenses - Batanes

My first SkyJet Airlines experience

Walking to the plane, I was quite surprised to see how SkyJet Airlines’ unusually short and small the aircraft is. It’s not like those typical commercial planes we’ve gotten accustomed to. It’s quite amusing to see a stubby jet plane which can only accommodate 80 passengers.

SkyJet Airlines - Transition Lenses - Batanes

The first thing I noticed upon entering SkyJet Airlines’ plane was how small the overhead bins are. Don’t expect to be able to fit your usual carry-on luggage inside these compartments. But that’s to be expected. Besides, there’s room for additional luggage underneath your seat.

Something that didn’t escape my attention was the aircraft’s need of some interior repairs and improvements. Some seats and paneling seem worn out and overused but nothing that can’t be remedied immediately.

On a positive note, though, departure going to Batanes was on time. Not only that. Heading back home to Manila from Batanes was earlier than scheduled. Perhaps, being able to fill up seats in short time (only 80 seats, remember?) helps in speeding up take off preparations.

SkyJet Airlines - Transition Lenses - Batanes

The flight itself was delightfully smooth. I actually fell asleep a couple of minutes after we took off. I was enjoying my sleep so much that I almost forgot that there were snacks being served and that mine was already waiting on my tray. It was also funny because my wife told me that the stranger seated next to me also fell asleep and placed her head on my shoulder. Hahaha!

SkyJet Airlines - Transition Lenses - Batanes

Considering how incredibly strong the winds are in Batanes, SkyJet Airlines’ fleet of British Aerospace Jets (BAE-146 series 100) are more capable to manuever and withstand this kind of weather. And because of these kinds of jets, cancellations due to bad weather are greatly minimized. Apart from that, SkyJet Airlines uses the same jet aircraft preferred by the British Royal Family due to its Short Take-Off/Landing (STOL). It makes perfect sense to uses these planes since they’re ideal for Philippines’ small island airports that have short runways.

SkyJet Airlines - Transition Lenses - Batanes

It is worth noting that both landings were absolutely smooth. For that, much of the credit goes to SkyJet Airlines’ pilots.

SkyJet Airlines - Transition Lenses - Batanes

Overall, flying via SkyJet Airlines was a really pleasant surprise. There wasn’t the least bit of stress at any given moment and the flight itself was a delight. I’m glad that SkyJet Airlines has made half the fun of my Batanes adventure – which is “getting there” – truly enjoyable. Looking forward to my next flight with them.

SkyJet Airlines - Transition Lenses - Batanes

Looking to fly with SkyJet Airlines, too? SkyJet Airlines flies from Manila Domestic Airport (NAIA Terminal 4) 4x a week (M-W-F-Sun) from Manila to Basco Batanes. Other destinations are: Busuanga (Coron) and Caticlan (Boracay).

SkyJet Ticketing Offices

ASENA Office:
Unit 08 Aseana One, Bradco Ave.,
Paranaque City
T: (02) 886-1786
E: [email protected]

Manila Domestic Airport:
Parking A, Terminal 4, NAIA Complex,
Brgy. 191, Pasay City
T: (02) 823-3366

Basco Office:
National Road cor. Santana Street
Brgy. Kaychanarianan Basco, Batanes
C: 0917-8537430

Twitter and Instagram: @skyjetairlines

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