GrabExpress and the spirit of giving this Christmas

Indeed, Christmas is just around the corner. Unfortunately, as much as we love the joyful and giving spirit it brings to all of us, much of it is lost the moment we step into the road and take on the ridiculously terrible traffic all over Metro Manila.

The Yultide season makes traveling all the more difficult due to the relentless Christmas rush of holiday shoppers and folks who are most probably moving from one party to another.

In as much as this time of the year is all about “giving”, it is extremely challenging to send over some Christmas joy to friends and family by way of gifts and goodies. Just imagine the eternity it takes for one person taking on Metro Manila’s congested roads in order to drop off a couple of presents. Oh, precious time! And woe to those spending for expensive petrol.

That’s why my wife and I thought of taking advantage of Grabtaxi’s nifty new service called, GrabExpress!


In a nutshell, GrabExpress is pretty much like a personal delivery service. Your very own courier, if you will. And since GrabExpress uses motorcycles as their mode of transport, weaving through traffic and avoiding road congestion is effortless.

Giving made easy through GrabExpress

Just recently, we wanted to send over some Christmas love in the form of a box of delicious Magnum Ice Cream to my wife’s very close cousin and her family who live in far off Cainta, Rizal. Taking the car to Cainta from Mandaluyong would mean getting stuck in traffic which would cause our frozen delights to melt. Not good.

So, we figured it would be the best time to take advantage of GrabExpress!


We booked a GrabExpress service the same way one would book the services of Grabtaxi or Grabcar – through the Grabtaxi mobile app. Before we knew it, our GrabExpress driver had arrived on our doorstep awaiting the package to be delivered.

GrabExpress - Grabtaxi

We paid the GrabExpress ride fare upfront (an affordable P110.00), signed the required waybill, then handed over the box of Magnum Ice Cream which the driver properly secured onto his motorcycle.

GrabExpress - Grabtaxi

It is important to note, though, that the package to be delivered should not exceed 5kg and/or not larger than 25 x 32 x 12cm. Item value should also not exceed Php 2,000.00.

GrabExpress - Grabtaxi

And just like that, our Christmas package of delicious ice cream was well on its way to Cainta.

Similar to Grabtaxi and Grabcar, you can actually monitor the whereabouts of your GrabExpress delivery in realtime using your mobile app. Talk about convenience and peace of mind!

GrabExpress - Grabtaxi

It only took GrabExpress approximately 45mins for our package to be delivered. That’s really fast!

GrabExpress - Grabtaxi

The driver also immediately advised my wife through SMS that the job has been completed. Hooray!

GrabExpress - Grabtaxi

Since then, GrabExpress has started to become our regular go-to mode of sending Christmas gifts to friends and family. It spares you from unnecessary stress, it costs so little and it saves you a ton of time. It just makes perfect sense, don’t you think?

I’ve got to hand it to the folks over at Grabtaxi. This ingenious service is truly a lifesaver – Christmas or not.

Because of GrabExpress, the Holiday season and the spirit of giving has gotten a whole lot more joyful.

May the love that Christmas brings, touch the hearts of everyone this season. Cheers!

For more information on GrabExpress, click here.

Download the Grabtaxi mobile app here.

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