Join Globe’s #Wonderful Blog Competition and win a trip to New Zealand!

How does a trip to New Zealand sound? Exciting, right?! Well, if you’re raring to visit this amazing land where the epic “Lord of the Rings” trilogy was filmed, then this could be your ticket (pun intended… Hahaha!)

All you have to do is join Globe Telecom’s #WONDERFUL Blog Competition which is absolutely easy and fun!

Globe’s #WONDERFUL Blog Competition is an online competition wherein contestants can showcase their talent in writing and photography by capturing wonderful moments and expressing them online. Winners will get to enjoy breathtaking New Zealand and will share their wonderful experience online!

Here’s how you can join Globe’s #WONDERFUL Blog Competition

It’s easy to be part of Globe’s #WONDERFUL Blog Competition. In a nutshell, all you have to do are the following…

  1. Create your meme via and share it on Twitter and Facebook.
  2. Join Globe’s #WONDERFUL Blog Competition by writing about one of the three items featured on your meme and how it has made your world wonderful. (Min. 300 words).

Meme Generation Guide:

The meme generator located at allows users to create a meme featuring 3 things that make their world wonderful. Check out my sample meme below…

Globe #wonderful blog competition

When visiting Globe’s #WONDERFUL Blog Competition meme generator at, you will be asked to log in using your Facebook account. Upon logging in to create your own meme, Facebook will automatically gather data from users’ recent activity, or recently liked pages, but users can still edit the photo and their interests per category (Favorite Movie, Top Friend, etc.)

Users have the liberty to craft their own captions for as long as they include ALL the mandatories listed below:

  • Use the hashtag #wonderful in all posts.
  • Once the user creates his/her own meme, he/she needs to download it, and share it manually on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Make sure to include the link
  • The caption should have a call to action for their followers to create their own memes, as well.
  • Posts should be set to public.

Sample caption for Facebook and Twitter: “Wreck it Ralph, Avengers & Warriors! Things that make my world #Wonderful! Create yours too at”

Check out my sample Facebook and Twitter posts below:

​Blog Competition Guide:

  • Visit and generate your own meme using the World of Wonder app.
  • On your blog, write about one of the three items featured on your meme and how it has made your world wonderful. (Min. 300 words).
  • Insert the generated meme anywhere within the post.
  • Insert code at the end of the post: (Code and full mechanics can be found at

Globe #WONDERFUL Blog CompetitionThat’s all there is to it! Simple, right?

Get right to it! Join Globe’s #WONDERFUL Blog Competition and start posting now. Share your world of wonder! Who knows… you just might be lucky enough to fly to New Zealand very soon! Woohoo!

Good luck and happy blogging, everyone!

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