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I’ve always been an advocate of good health. Whenever there’s an opportunity to share valuable health tips with my readers, I jump on it.

I am very careful when it comes to supplements and the kind of vitamins I put inside my body. Hey, you only have yourself to blame in the long run if you aren’t cautious, right?

Recently, I learned more about a particular superfood that I’ve long been aware of. The superfood I am referring to is the Acai Berry. You may or may have not heard of Acai berries and the wonderful things it can do to your health. But for the benefit of those who aren’t aware of it, allow me to tell you more about these incredible fruits.

Organique Acai

Acai (pronounced “ah-sah-ee”), is the tallest palm tree in the Amazon jungle and can grow as high as 80 feet. These palm trees produce small berries that are colored dark purple and are normally harvested from the Belem region of Para – a place in Brazil where the best of these little fruits are produced.

You’re probably curious as to why these Acai berries are considered a superfood. Well, that’s because these amazing fruits contain 10x the antioxidants found in red grapes and blueberries. Yes… 10x more.

Because of this amazing discovery, Acai supplements have started sprouting all over produced by various brands and manufacturers. But here’s the catch… not all Acai berry supplements are created equal. That’s why buyers should be well informed and careful when looking for a brand that truly delivers on its promise.

Luckily, I can tell you that the best way to get all the awesome health benefits of Acai berries is from a drink that is readily available now here in the Philippines. This drink is called Organique Acai.

Organique Acai

What makes Organique Acai special?

You know the saying that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? Well, that is exactly why Organique Acai is absolutely important. Drinking Organique Acai improves ones immune system while benefiting from the fruit’s antioxidants that fight cell damage. Overall, it also promotes good health and wellness.

During a brief lunch event at Viking’s SM Megamall which happened just recently, I was able to hear a couple of testimonies from personalities and medical experts who have attested to the wonders of Organique Acai. I actually didn’t need any convincing since I already knew all about Acai berries, but listening to stories and explanations during this particular event further made me a believer of this superfood.

Organique Acai

Together with us during this event was Ms. Catherine Salimbangon, Vice President for Marketing of Organique Inc., Dr. Joseph Lee, a respected urologist and surgeon who gave a medical talk, as well as actor Diego Castro who enthusiastically shared his personal testimonial on how Organique Acai has greatly improved his well-being as well as the health condition of Dr. Lee’s patients.

Organique Acai

According to Ms. Catherine Salimbangon, Vice President for Marketing of Organique Inc., “Antioxidants from Organique Acai help repair damaged cells so your body is replenished and functions better overall. You have more energy, aging is slowed, your immune system is strengthened.”

My wife and I, together with our 2 kids and my father have started taking Organique Acai and have been on it for more than 2 weeks already. Some of the health improvements I immediately noticed are increase in stamina, better endurance and a better functioning digestive system. Organique Acai also boats of Vitamin E that helps make skin radiate and give it a healthy glow.

Organique Acai

More improvements and increased health benefits will slowly manifest as we continue to take Organique Acai. And since we don’t intend to stop taking this amazing drink, I am really excited to see more changes and a manifestation of a greater well-being in the near future.

Want to know how else Organique Acai can improve your health? Check out the list below and be amazed…

  1. Helps build a strong body by providing protein.
  2. Cleanses and detoxifies the body.
  3. Enhances muscle contractions and muscle regeneration.
  4. Increase energy and stamina.
  5. Stress relief.
  6. Improves sexual health.
  7. Aids body synergy.
  8. A protein anti-aging food.
  9. May help prevent prostate enlargement. (For men)
  10. Helps prevent osteoporosis. (For women)
  11. Menstrual Cycles. (For women)
  12. May help prevent causes of heart diseases.
  13. Reduces Bad Cholesterol.
  14. Sterols may lower pressure (BP).
  15. Protects blood vessels.
  16. Helps thwart retinopathy.
  17. Improves glucose and lipid levels.
  18. Weight control.
  19. Acai can improve resistance to diseases.
  20. Improved function of immune cells.
  21. Prevents free-radical damage to the immune system.
  22. Can thwart viruses, bacterial infections and funguses.
  23. Acts as an antimutagenic
  24. Improved digestion.
  25. Overcomes acid-reflux disease (GERD)
  26. Heals ulcers.
  27. Helps relieves symptoms of Crohn’s disease.
  28. Improves skin tone.
  29. Defends against premature wrinkles.
  30. Acts as an astringent.
  31. May thwart cancer.
  32. Reduces arthritis pain.
  33. Relieves symptoms of asthma.
  34. May reduce risk for Alzheimer’s disease.
  35. Aids vision.
  36. Helps maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  37. Improves mental clarity.
  38. Better sleep.
  39. Promotes overall wellness.

It’s amazing how one small berry can make a difference, don’t you think?

And oh…! By the way, Organique Acai is the only USDA-approved Acai Berry food supplement in the market. It also worth noting that among all its competitors and other manufacturers of Acai berry juice drinks, Organique Acai has the highest concentration of Acai berry.

Organique Acai

Good health and the promise of a better me? Heck, yeah! I’ll drink to that! Cheers, everyone.

Organique Acai is available at…

Organique Acai

For more information on Organique Acai, visit or call (02) 470-3580 / 0922-8887884. You can also check out “Organique Açai” on Facebook, Twitter/Instagram at @OrganiqueAcai.

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