The telco war and knowing how to CHOOSE BETTER

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I couldn’t help but recall this saying as I quietly observe the latest developments on the ongoing (and never ending) telco war.

Choose Better - Sun CellularAs of late, I just noticed that Sun Cellular has been quite forward on its attacks against Globe Telecom. They seem to have been making not-so-subtle snipes against the leading telco in the country in hopes of probably luring old and new subscribers away from Globe.

I happened to chance upon a couple of sites just like this one, who have noticed the same thing. That’s why I decided to throw in my two cents on this issue.

Sun Cellular, which everyone knows is also owned by Smart, seems to be more busy criticizing and being critical of Globe’s own promos and upcoming events rather than just focusing on improving their own offerings.

Such has been the method of attack of both sister companies, it seems.

There was one instance back then when Smart called Globe Telecom President and CEO, Ernest Cu, uncouth by deliberately skewing the message of a speech Mr. Cu gave during an event. Remember that?

Now, with their “Choose Better” campaign, Sun Cellular seems to be implying that Globe’s offerings are somewhat inferior to theirs.

Choose Better - Sun Cellular

Taglines on Sun’s print ads with “Why settle for ‘WONDERFUL’ when you can be AWESOME?” are just some of the quips targeted against Globe and its subscribers (The word, “wonderful”, is a well known tagline associated with Globe).

Now, it seems that finding an Ernest Cu look-alike and including him in Sun Cellular’s television ad is the company’s latest tactic, as can be seen here:

Notice how the Ernest Cu look-alike also blurts out the word, “Wonderful”, in one of those scenes.

Globe GEN3 Store in Greenbelt 3
Ernest Cu (CEO and President of Globe Telecom)

Even one of Sun Cellular’s TV ad includes another Ernest Cu look-alike with a supposed quote coming from him saying (you guessed it!), “Wonderful!!!”.

Choose Better - Sun Cellular
Screencap from

The name of the look-alike in the ad? “Ernesto”. Honest coincidence? I think not.

While some of these methods may well be considered “fair game”, some aren’t quite as subtle and indirect.

Choose Better - Sun Cellular

One of the more recent swipes that Globe has received from Sun Cellular is from their barrage of orchestrated and synchronized online posts discouraging people from buying tickets to Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour in Manila, saying that the price you will be shelling out to watch the Queen of Pop isn’t worth it (For those who aren’t aware, Globe Telecom is the major presenter of said concert). In truth, they are merely coaxing people to subscribe to Sun’s promos instead.

Whether this kind of approach borders on being illegal is something I’m not quite sure of, but it is in most cases frowned upon. Whatever happened to actually working your ass off, coming up with better ways to serve your customers instead of resorting to finding all sorts of fault in others?

Well, Sun Cellular probably thinks that this kind of tactic works. And maybe it does – sometimes. But, it generally doesn’t do them any good, in my opinion, because I personally think it shows more about one’s own negative character rather than doing damage to the other.

Choose Better - Sun CellularWith the relentless flurry of attacks from Sun and Smart, Globe Telecom has clearly chosen better by remaining to keep quiet, constantly churning out promos and innovative offerings instead of opting to sling mud back at the competition. Taking the higher ground seems to be paying off well. No pun intended. ;)

I guess the reason why I, as with most of you, find this rivalry very interesting is because it has two of the most important elements needed to make up a worthwhile story – an antagonist and an underdog. Think David and Goliath, Popeye and Bluto, and Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed. In this case, Sun (or Smart for that matter) seems to be playing the role of the antagonist pretty well. Globe, on the other hand, is looking more and more like the bullied underdog in the ongoing saga.

The bully and the underdog… classic, right?

If this thing keeps up, we all know how these kinds of stories end in the movies as well as in real life.

Choose Better - Sun Cellular

People know how to choose better

Like I said… desperate times, desperate measures.

Perhaps losing subscribers and declining revenue is forcing Smart to take the less desirable route. But one need not go that avenue at all. And no one really should, if you ask me… because it’s tasteless. Also, because it clearly isn’t the better choice.

Your services alone should be good enough to lure people in – and keep them in your fold. Because in the end, you really can’t fool the market. It eventually all boils down to what you can offer and not about the faults and shortcomings of others.

To paraphrase Kevin Costner’s line in the movie, Field of Dreams… “If you build it, they (the customers) will come.” It’s that simple. Globe has understood this concept long ago, which explains why they continue to build new promo packages and interesting offerings.

Ironically, for a company who insists that its market should “choose better”, Sun Cellular (and Smart) sadly appears to be making all the wrong choices where marketing strategy is concerned.

So, please… spare us consumers the childish finger-pointing and unnecessary bashing. Customers aren’t stupid, let alone gullible. We do know how to choose better. Stick to improving services instead and trust the market to make the better choice themselves.

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