Snow Caps and Snow Skin Whitening Soap – There’s more to L-Glutathione than you think!

UPDATE: Alden Richards is now the new brand ambassador of Snow Caps. Read all about it here.


If you think that Glutathione supplements are things that only women take to make themselves whiter, you are sorely mistaken.

It is true that Glutathione helps make skin whiter and adds a special glow to one’s appearance… but did you know that all these beauty benefits are merely a fortunate side effect of this wonderful enzyme? Yup! L-Glutathione is actually mainly used for the incredible health benefits that it offers.

Perhaps, because of all the hype that L-Glutathione gets on television and on print, you’ve been led to believe that its sole purpose of being in the market is for making skin whiter. And although some people indeed use it to make their skin fairer, others actually take Glutathione to improve their health.

And since I’m all about better living and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, I’d like to show you why L-Glutathione is an important supplement that anyone can include in their daily health regimen. This way, we can likewise debunk the common misconception that L-Glutathione is merely a whitening agent.

Just recently, I was presented with the opportunity to try out Snow Caps – a dietary supplement that contains 500mg of L-Glutathione in each capsule. And because I already knew about the wonderful things that this amazing compound provides to the body, I immediately tried it out. Besides, I already have fair skin complexion to start with so I was really only after the betterment of my well-being.

Snow Caps L-Glutathione and Snow Skin Whitening Soap

On this particular instance, let’s talk about Snow Caps since it is, in fact, the brand of L-Glutathione that I am currently taking, and also because not all supplements are created equal.

Why is L-Glutathione in Snow Caps important for good health?

Snow Caps L-Glutathione and Snow Skin Whitening Soap

What exactly does Snow Caps and L-Glutathione in particular offer that makes it such a miracle supplement? Allow me to elaborate…

It strengthens the immune system

Glutathione or simply known as “GSH” naturally occurs in our bodies and is considered to be our body’s master antioxidant. When GSH levels are low, so is our immunity. The L-Glutathione in Snow Caps helps boost our GSH levels, increasing our body’s ability to fight off all sorts of infection and illness.

When we get sick and fall ill, the glutathione stores in our body are rapidly used up to help fight the problem. Think of taking Snow Caps as a way of storing up firepower for future battles against sickness and help prepare our body to deal with infection and diseases before it has a chance to take hold of your system. In this regard, you can consider Snow Caps to be one of the best preventatives and an effective treatment for many health problems.


We may not have found the mythical fountain of youth yet but taking L-Glutathione in Snow Caps comes close to it in a sense. Who doesn’t want to stay young as long as possible, right? Hey, let’s face it… aging may be something every single one of us cannot avoid, but FEELING old is very preventable.

Here’s the thing… one of the leading causes of aging are free radicals and oxidative damage. What it does is bog down the body, leaving us feeling old and tired. L-Glutathione helps eliminate these free radicals and prevents their formation.


Inflammation is a leading cause of virtually every disease known to man. And although it is actually a natural and healthy immune response, when it persists longer than necessary, it can be deadly since it can lead to severe health problems.

Low GSH levels are associated with chronic inflammation. It goes without saying that by increasing GSH levels though the intake of L-Glutathione in Snow Caps, we can fight off mitochondrial superoxide production and oxidative protein (pardon the medical jargon).

Heavy Metal Chelator

The glutathione in our body is a potent chelator. It is involved in cellular transport, response and the excretion of toxic heavy metals. Why is it important, you ask? Because Chelating heavy metals is vital to our health as we age. You may not know it but we absorb all sorts of heavy metal every day – through the water we drink, the kinds of food we eat, and yes, even via the anti-perspirant deodorants we use.

And since avoiding exposure to toxic metals is next to impossible, minimizing it can be very helpful. And because our body isn’t fully equipped to chelate all these heavy metals, they end up accumulating inside our body each and every day. But, with ample glutathione levels, the body is capable of excreting these metals from the body, relieving the damage they cause to our cells.

The L-Glutathione in Snow Caps combined with a healthy lifestyle will minimize your exposure to toxic heavy metals which can significantly improve cognitive and neurological development as well as function throughout the aging process.

Master Antioxidant

The antioxidant benefits of glutathione are incredible… this is the very reason why it has earned the name “Master Antioxidant” of the body. Glutathione is found in every cell and scours our system for toxins, free radicals and heavy metals which pose a threat to our health. It acts as a magnet, gathering up all these harmful substances and expels them from the body.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the L-Glutathione in Snow Caps helps your well-being in this regard.

Liver Health

The most detoxifying organ of our body is the liver. It is no surprise that the highest concentrations of glutathione is found in this organ. This is the reason why glutathione is closely linked to liver health and function. When the GSH levels in our body are high, it lessens the workload put on the liver giving the organ a chance to repair itself. This, in turn, reduces liver inflammation which is the main cause of liver cirrhosis and impaired liver function.

Whether you have a poor diet or lifestyle choices, this normally compromises the health of your liver. Improving the health of your liver is one of the most beneficial things anyone could ever do. As I’ve earlier said, L-Glutathione in Snow Caps greatly increases GSH levels which lessens the stress on your liver.

Cognitive Health

Heavy metals and free radicals can cause substantial damage to our brain. This increases the risk of cognitive disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. And since there are only a select number of antioxidants, like glutathione, that can pass through the blood brain barrier to detoxify and repair the brain, I can never stress enough how important it is to raise your GSH levels by regularly taking L-Glutathione in Snow Caps. This increases the availability of antioxidants to help provide the brain with the necessary tools to repair damage done and to also prevent further damage.

Improves Skin Health and Appearance

You probably know that the skin is the first line of defense against infection and disease. This is the reason why it has a high concentration of antioxidants compared to deeper tissue. This explains why when our health is compromised, the appearance of our skin also suffers.

By supporting glutathione levels through Snow Caps, you are improving the quality and well-being of your skin, which in turn manifests itself by showing a healthy glow and a huge reduction in wrinkles and dry spots.

Snow Caps L-Glutathione and Snow Skin Whitening Soap

So, here’s the thing, folks… the body produces glutathione naturally. The problem is that the glutathione that is produced just isn’t enough to maintain an adequate level throughout one’s lifetime. Glutathione levels drop as we age which explains why we become increasingly vulnerable to sickness and infection as we grow older. Add to that the kind of lifestyle we live and the poor choices in diet that we make.

Our body needs all the help it can get and it actually isn’t hard to do if you think about it. My advice? Forget about the cheap blend of multivitamins you see in thrift stores and seriously think about what can really help you get back on the road to good health. Start loading up on L-Glutathione by taking Snow Caps because as cliche as it sounds, the saying holds true… health is indeed wealth.

Recommended use of Snow Caps

Take one (1) capsule of Snow Caps with or without meal in the morning because glutathione levels are lowest and oxidative stress is highest during daytime.

Snow Caps Price

Php 1,495.00 for a box of 30 capsules (Available at Mercury Drugstores, SouthStar Drugstores, Watsons, Landmark Supermarket and LCC malls)


Pimple problems? Try using Snow Skin Whitening Soap for a change.

Speaking of skin health, I just wanted to share this one other thing…

Back in the day, I used to suffer from a ton of pimples – a common problem for adolescents and kids who have finally reached puberty. As much as we’d all like to think of having zits as sort of a rite of passage, there are ways and means to fight it.

My son isn’t exempt from this problem and, naturally, I’d like help him battle this common enemy.

It all starts with proper hygiene and choosing the right kind of soap.

I also learned about Snow Skin Whitening Soap about the same time I learned about Snow Caps. I decided to try this out on my son since he’s been complaining of pimples which keep on coming back.

Snow Caps L-Glutathione and Snow Skin Whitening Soap

Snow Skin Whitening Soap has an optimal skin penetrating formulation from the Swiss Alps that promotes skin lightening with anti-age spot activity. Also, this soap boasts of ACE-B3 (Antioxidant complex). ACE-B3 is a potent combination of Aloe Extract for skin moisturizing and protection, Vitamin C which helps protect against photo-damage, Vitamin E for free-radical defense and Niacinamide B3 for skin clarifying and lightening.

I found Snow Skin Whitening Soap to be an effective weapon against the common zit, as these before and after images of my son would attest.

Snow Caps and Snow Skin Whitening Soap
Before using Snow Skin Whitening Soap


Snow Caps and Snow Skin Whitening Soap
After 7 days of using Snow Skin Whitening Soap

These images have been taken one (1) week apart. And it clearly shows that with daily use, Snow Skin Whitening Soap not only protects the skin from pimples, it also helps lessen the scars and marks caused by it.

Impressed? I was.

Seems, I’ll be sticking to Snow Skin Whitening Soap to help maintain not only my son’s skin, but mine as well (Hey! I still get pimples every now and then, you know!)

Snow Caps L-Glutathione and Snow Skin Whitening Soap

If you’re serious about good skin care, I suggest you try it out as well. It might just be the answer to all your skin concerns as well.

How to use Snow Skin Whitening Soap

Use Snow Skin Whitening Soap as how you would normally use regular soap on your face and body. Leave on skin for 2-3 mins before rinsing.

Snow Skin Whitening Soap Price

Php 149.00 (Available at all Mercury Drugstores, Watsons, SouthStar Drugstores, Landmark Supermarket and LCC malls)

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