The Globe Traveler SIM – Staying connected is more fun in the Philippines

It’s more fun in the Philippines. No doubt, we Filipinos know that for a fact. But as tourists continue to visit our country by the droves, people the world over are starting to realize (and agree) that there is indeed so much fun to be had here in our beautiful motherland.

Just imagine, according to a recent report by the Depart of Tourism, the Philippines registered a total of 2.23 MILLION international visitors from January to May 2015 alone. That is an astounding 8.15% growth from the previous year.

Globe Traveler SIM

With the continuous and steady increase of international visitors (non-Philippine residents) in the country, not to mention the rise in numbers of OFWs coming back home to spend more time with their respective families and loved ones, it made perfect sense to make connectivity for our tourists as worry-free as possible. This is the very reason why Globe collaborated with the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) to drive its “Visit the Philippines Year 2015” campaign by offering its Globe Traveler SIM for free (Yes, free!), giving tourists a hassle-free and convenient way to immediately get connected during their stay in the Philippines.

Through its International Business Group, Globe Telecom has partnered with the TPB of the Philippines to support their campaign’s objective to promote our country as Asia’s top tourist destination. I personally think that offering the Globe Traveler SIM is a wonderful idea. In fact, Globe is TPB’s first Philippine telco partner to offer affordable communication services to millions of tourists and OFWs returning to the country.

What can you do with the Globe Traveler SIM?

The Globe Traveler SIM is a local prepaid SIM card that offers local rates for calls, text messages (SMS), and mobile data services, giving tourists and international visitors a more convenient and incredibly affordable way to get in touch with friends and family from around the world from the Philippines. Why use a Globe Traveler SIM instead of a tourist’s own SIM, you might ask? Because getting a local SIM – a Globe Traveler SIM in particular – will afford the user a more cost-efficient way to connect than using an international number which charges international call, text and browsing rates.

Globe Traveler SIM

It doesn’t take a genius to see just how advantageous and much more affordable using a Globe Traveler SIM when visiting the Philippines. When tourists are on roaming, receiving calls have charges, but using with the Globe Traveler SIM, users can receive calls and text from abroad for free. Apart from that, touarists are able to cut costs on mobile data by subscribing to TravelSurf, which allows users to surf the Internet on mobile for an affordable rate of USD $11 for seven (7) days or USD $23 for 30 days (crazy, right?!) giving them access to emails, social networking sites, apps, and travel blogs as well as review sites which all make for a worry-free stay in the Philippines. Not only that… users can also call abroad for as low as USD $0.40 per minute only. Yay!

How to avail of a free Globe Traveler SIM

International visitors and tourists as well as OFWs can claim the free Globe Traveler SIM by presenting their non-Philippine passport, foreign resident card, Seaman’s book, or OFW E-card at any of the Globe booths located at NAIA, Cebu, Davao, Kalibo, Iloilo, and Clark International Airport starting July 30, 2015.

Easy, right?

Globe Traveler SIM

Well, there you have it, folks… with the Globe Traveler SIM, we have been given more reasons to make the Philippines the primary destination for tourists and international visitors. Have more fun getting around and discovering the abundant beauty of the Philippines while staying constantly connected with family and friends abroad whether online or through calls and text.

Have more fun in the Philippines and share that fun with everyone in the world using the Globe Traveler SIM!

For more information on the FREE Globe Traveler SIM, please visit For jetsetters, backpackers, and thrill-seekers, Visit the Philippines Year 2015 provides a year-round calendar guide for all adventures, whether it be food trips, walking tours, or festivals. For information on activities and events, please log on to

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