Pasta by thecoopidea – the better smartphone cable

Pasta is good for you. In fact, it’s the better kind of carbohydrate compared to white bread and rice.

But did you know that pasta is good for your smartphone and tablet as well? It’s true! Just not the kind of pasta you think, though.

The Pasta I’m referring to is the cool looking charge and sync cable created by thecoopidea (The Coop Idea).

Pasta by thecoopidea

Pasta by thecoopidea – the good kind of pasta for your phone.

Why is Pasta by thecoopidea good for you, you may ask? Well, if you’re like me, you probably hate how regular charging cables can easily get tangled up especially when you wound them up after every use. Thankfully, we don’t have to put up with this kind of frustration anymore.

Pasta by thecoopidea boasts of a durable flat PTE cable that is tangle free and very sturdy. Apart from eliminating a common concern by most smartphone and tablet users, Pasta offers a better alternative to your stock and typically flimsy charging cables.

Pasta by thecoopidea

Unlike other cables sold in the market that only offer charging capabilities, Pasta by thecoopidea can also be used to sync your devices to your desktop and workstations (it works as a data cable, too!).

Pasta by thecoopidea

Pasta by thecoopidea comes in two versions – Micro USB for Android/Windows phones and Lightning Cable for the iPhone and iPad.

Pasta by thecoopidea

The Pasta by thecoopidea has a length of 1.0m (100cm) and provides fast charging on all devices.

One thing I also love about Pasta by thecoopidea is that it comes in different colors, making it unique and attractive.

Pasta by thecoopidea

It’s pretty amusing when people do a double-take when they see me whip out my Pasta cable to charge my device. I usually get all sorts of oohs or aahs from friends and acquaintances, followed by a question of where I got it from.

Pasta by thecoopideaIt makes perfect sense to get a Pasta by thecoopidea yourselves because, hey… a good reliable charge and sync cable, one that doesn’t easily get worn down and faulty, is important to have around. Besides, if you’ve invested in a beautiful and sophisticated piece of tech, shouldn’t you also be investing in a cable that is just as good?

Bottomline… don’t be a cheapskate and settle for “Class A” knockoff cables sold in bargain stores. Don’t wait until your faulty cable corrupts your device’s data and ruins your battery.

Where to find the Pasta by thecoopidea

The Pasta by thecoopidea are sold in the following stores:

Lightning Cable Version for iOS devices (Php 975.00) – Power Mac Center and Pismo Digital (East Wing of Shangri-La Plaza Mall)

Micro USB Version for Android and Windows devices (Php 375.00) – Pismo Digital (East Wing of Shangri-La Plaza Mall)

For more info about Pasta by thecoopidea and their other products, follow them on Instagram (@thecoopideaph) and check out thecoopidea Philippines Facebook Page.

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