Ocean Park Hong Kong – My top attraction picks!

Ocean Park Hong Kong is perhaps one of the most sought after places to visit when you head over to the “Shopping mecca of Asia”. And with good reason!

A landmark for decades, Ocean Park Hong Kong is a destination for locals and tourists alike, whether you’re with kids or not.

Whether you’ve been to this amazing place already or planning to visit it for the first time, I am quite confident that you’ll enjoy every attraction that Ocean Park Hong Kong has to offer.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

During my recent trip to Hong Kong a couple of weeks back, I had the opportunity to extensively tour around this famed theme park.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

As tiring as it may seem to cover the entire site of Ocean Park Hong Kong on foot, the sites to see and the endless fun you’ll have will make you totally forget all about your throbbing feet and tired legs.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Allow me to feature some of the awesome (and notable) attractions of Ocean Park Hong Kong which I consider to be my top picks. Let’s begin, shall we?

My Ocean Park Hong Kong top attraction picks

Grand Aquarium

Ocean Park Hong Kong

The Grand Aquarium is one huge attraction in Ocean Park Hong Kong where guests have the chance to get up close with roughly 5,000 fishes in over (get this!) 400 species. Gasp and be in awe when you see fishes like the scalloped hammerhead shark, manta ray, and Japanese skipjack tuna.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Go through the Reef Tunnel and Panoramic Ocean Gallery and be amazed with the world’s largest viewing dome in an aquarium and a 13-metre giant viewing panel.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Don’t forget to check out this breathtaking Ocean Park Hong Kong attraction. Whether you’re fond of marine life or not, you won’t regret dropping by the Grand Aquarium.

Neptune’s Restaurant

Ocean Park Hong Kong

This is Hong Kong’s first and only fine dining destination in an aquarium setting. Imagine enjoying meticulously prepared dishes that taste just as wonderful as the view in front of you.

Old Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong

This part of Ocean Park Hong Kong offers an immersive experience of culture, history and tasty delicacies of Old Hong Kong between the ’50s and ’70s. It’s like traveling back in time, which is something I really enjoy.

Here you can sample over 70 local street foods and beverages that will immerse you and make you reminisce the flavor of old Hong Kong.

Cable Car

Ocean Park Hong Kong

I am deathly fearful of heights. Friends and family can attest to that. But, I just had to experience Ocean Park Hong Kong’s Cable Car attraction.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Upon further prodding of friends and my wife, I thought to myself… “Hey, it ain’t as scary as sky diving!”… so, I eventually agreed to try it out.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Boy, was I so glad I didn’t skip the cable car attraction at Ocean Park Hong Kong. The view and the ride itself was incredible!

To give you an idea of how awesome this cable car ride was, check out my short but sweet Instagram video.

Missing #HongKong and @hkoceanpark. #cablecar #AirAsiaInHongKong

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Would I ride the cable car again if I had the chance, you ask? You bet I would!

Hair Raiser

Ocean Park Hong Kong What could possibly be more thrilling than an exhilarating roller coaster ride? An exhilarating roller coaster ride situated at Ocean Park Hong Kong’s summit, overlooking the South China Sea with your legs dangling in the air, that’s what! Wondering how exciting (or scary, depending on who’s riding) the Hair Raiser is? The ride travels at up to 4.0G in acceleration and 88 Km/h – the fastest for a roller coaster in Hong Kong. It’s a real… ummm… hair raiser. Any takers?

Polar Adventure

Ocean Park Hong Kong Quick! Grab a jacket and hop around. It can get really chilly in this Ocean Park Hong Kong attraction, but that’s expected. It’s a polar adventure after all. Ocean Park Hong Kong

Traverse the Arctic and Antarctic in just one day. Begin your journey on the Arctic Blast and meet the iconic polar friends under the auroras, including king penguins, southern rockhopper penguins, gentoo penguins (think “Happy Feet”, folks!), pacific walruses, spotted seals, northern sea lions and snowy owls. Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong This massive (and fairly new) zone located at the summit of Ocean Park Hong Kong takes you deep into the heart of this icy eco-system, which also gives you a firsthand look at how climate change is threatening its survival.

Sea Jelly Spectacular

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong’s Sea Jelly Spectacular is Southeast Asia’s first standalone sea jelly exhibit featuring more than 1,000 sea jellies in eight different exhibit zones. Ocean Park Hong Kong The exhibit is equipped with state-of-the-art theatrical lighting, multimedia sound and visual special effects to capture the sea jellies in their pristine natural beauty.

Ocean Wonders at the Ocean Theatre

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Ocean Park Hong Kong You mustn’t miss this when you visit Ocean Park Hong Kong. It’s a fantastic show held at the newly furnished Ocean Theatre with dolphins and sea lions as the main stars. Ocean Park Hong Kong The Ocean Wonders presentation underscores the urgent need to protect our oceans and marine animals. Below is another Instagram video briefly showing you how fun this Ocean Park Hong Kong attraction is…

Truly, a must see!

Shark Mystique

Ocean Park Hong Kong

One of the largest shark exhibits in Southeast Asia and home to over a hundred sharks and rays of different species, Shark Mystique in Ocean Park Hong Kong is an attraction where guests could walk around the glass-panelled viewing galleries on three levels and unmask the mystery of sharks and uncover the many misconceptions that human beings have about them. We also had the awesome opportunity to feed the sharks and rays during our visit. What an experience!

Spare an entire day exploring Ocean Park Hong Kong

With a ton of attractions and a variety of things you can do while exploring the vast area of Ocean Park Hong Kong, it is advisable to spare an entire day to maximize your visit. My top picks (which I have already mentioned above) do not even cover half of the theme park’s entire list of offerings.

Other things to keep in mind during your visit to Ocean Park Hong Kong

Depending on the weather and climate during your Ocean Park Hong Kong adventure, just make sure to have water handy. It can get quite tiring albeit immensely enjoyable. Prepare yourself mentally and muster enough patience as you encounter long queues in some areas.

Ladies, please wear flat shoes or rubber shoes. Believe me, you’ll be thankful you did.

Parents, make sure to always keep an eye on your children. It gets pretty crowded at times and losing sight of your kid is the last thing you’d want to happen.


That’s right! Once you’re there, just enjoy the experience. Have fun and know that everything (yes, including the long lines) are part of what makes Ocean Park Hong Kong an amazing destination for friends and family.

Ocean Park Hong Kong – Admission Fees and more

Day Admission Ticket:

Adult – HK$345
Child – HK$173

SmartFun Gold Pass:

Adult – HK$960
Child – HK$480

Full-Time Students (aged 12-25)* – HK$670

(Unlimited admission to Ocean Park within a year, excluding private evening functions and wedding banquets)

SmartFun Silver Pass:

Adult – HK$740
Child – HK$370

(Unlimited day-time admission to Ocean Park from Mondays to Fridays, and before 12NN on Saturdays within a year. Excluding public holidays, special night events, private evening functions and wedding banquets)

Car Park:

Mon-Sun and Public Holidays – HK$120

Operating Hours:

Opens at 10AM daily with extended hours during event.

Contact details:

Ocean Park Hong Kong
180 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Aberdeen, Hong Kong
T: (852) 3923 2888
F: (852) 2873 5584
Instagram: @hkoceanpark

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