How I got access to thousands of movies and TV shows for P199!

We are a family of five in our household – me, my wife, our two kids, and my father.

One of the usual challenges of being in a family with different tastes is reaching a compromise in the kind of television shows or movies each of us would want to watch together.


Just imagine… sharing one TV over dinner (or lunch) would mean all of us having to agree on a common show. If there were any other good shows airing at the same time, well, tough luck.

Same goes for movies.

More often than not, It gets quite difficult trying to reach a compromise on what flick to watch. I love scary films, my wife hates it. My daughter enjoys girly flicks and kiddie animated features, my son doesn’t.

And because we have work while the kids have school and other activities, finding the right time to catch our favorite shows becomes futile – either our schedules get in the way or we are already too tired to stay awake to catch what’s on TV.

I’m sure some of you, especially those with families of their own can relate.

Thankfully, now I found a way to keep everyone happy by giving them the opportunity to watch their favorite local and international television shows and movies anytime, anywhere.

How I got access to thousands of movies and TV shows for P199 - HOOQAll thanks to a nifty service I recently discovered called “HOOQ” (pronounced “hook”).

I’m really excited to share this with all of you because you might find yourselves in the same boat as I am. And if you share the same concerns and frustrations as I do, you will most likely consider this a godsend.

In a nutshell, HOOQ is an online entertainment service that gives my family access to an incredibly vast selection of television shows and movies – local and international. That’s more than 10,000 videos right in the palm of our hands for as low as P199. Yes, you read that right – P199!

Basically, HOOQ is an app that you install in your smartphone, computer or tablet. Using it to discover and watch old and new content is a breeze.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a lifesaver HOOQ is. Before, my family and I had to rely on digital recorders to catch missed episodes on TV, as well as purchasing DVDs for movies we weren’t able to watch in the cinema. But, buying discs can prove to be quite expensive and impractical especially when you simply want to watch a movie or a show just once.

HOOQ + Globe = Fun entertainment 24/7!

HOOQ - Globe TelecomAnd so, since everyone in our household owns a smartphone and are, likewise, Globe subscribers who make the most of Globe’s mobile data service, it made perfect sense to “hook them up” (pun intended… hehehe!) with HOOQ!

Now, my son who loves adventure and sci-fi features like “Harry Potter” and “Spiderman” can enjoy the kinds of shows and motion pictures that make him gasp and exclaim in delight in his own time. He even binge watches with friends during sleepovers.

How I got access to thousands of movies and TV shows for P199 - HOOQ
My son loves superhero movies like Spiderman.

My daughter doesn’t worry anymore about being bored when we go out on long trips or staying in hotels with nothing good to watch on television, because with HOOQ in her phone, she’s got more girly-themed and kiddie-oriented programs than she can handle like “Happy Feet” and “50 First Dates”. In fact, sometimes, I can even hear my little girl laughing loudly up in the attic all by herself only to discover that she’s sitting in a corner watching one of her favorite shows on her smartphone.

How I got access to thousands of movies and TV shows for P199 - HOOQ
Ella loves animated flicks like “Happy Feet”

My wife can now while away the hours watching “Friends”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and a ton of chick-flicks like “My Best Friend’s Wedding” while cooking or relaxing in the living room. She also gets to watch her favorite teleseryes like “My Husband’s Lover” (LOL!).

How I got access to thousands of movies and TV shows for P199 - HOOQ
My wife… binge watching “My Husband’s Lover”

Dad gets to binge watch all the interesting documentaries and historical movies he wants while lounging out on the garage until his eyes pop out… hahaha!

I, on the other hand, can happily kill time during long waits while out on tapings and shootings by enjoying a vast selection of horror films and superhero movies on HOOQ such as “Iron Man 2”, “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Poltergeist”, as well as cool shows like “Criminal Minds” and “Smallville”.

How I got access to thousands of movies and TV shows for P199 - HOOQ
Look! An old movie I made… Ang Boyfriend Kong Gamol

It’s really amusing that I even get to watch some of my old movies, too, like “Tiyanak” and “Ang Boyfriend Kong Gamol”.

Oh! Here’s a perfect example… Just a couple of weeks ago, I had to visit Bantayan Island, Cebu for work and ended up in a hotel room with no television. For some people, this would prove to be a major concern… but not for me! All I needed was my trusty ol’ iPhone, my ever dependable Globe mobile data connection and, you guessed it… HOOQ. Normally, I’d lie in bed during night time, making myself sleepy by watching television. But since there wasn’t a boob tube in sight, it was HOOQ to the rescue.

HOOQ helped our family, too!

I’m glad I got my family hooked on HOOQ because even our family dynamics have greatly improved. The kids are no longer antsy during family meals, itching to stand up and catch a particular show on TV. They now enjoy taking their sweet time sharing stories over meals and having fun, meaningful conversations with us, knowing that they can watch their favorite programs any time they want later on. Now, that is something I am really happy about.

So, everyone gets the kind of movies and television shows they enjoy watching anytime and anywhere at all… and because of it, in the end, our family gets what it truly needs – lots of happy quality time together.

Find out more about HOOQ!

To know a whole lot more about HOOQ and how to avail of this awesome service via Globe Telecom’s awesome and affordable GoSURF and myLifestyle plans, check out my extensive HOOQ feature here.

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