A Marriott Hotel Manila anniversary surprise!

I had an absolute blast just a couple of weeks ago when my wife and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.

Perhaps, the reason why I especially enjoyed this year’s celebration is because I had no idea at all as to what was in store apart from our anniversary lunch with our kids and my dad.

Anyways, here is how it all played out…

During our anniversary lunch, my wife has been constantly reminding me of a “property tour” we were scheduled to have during the same day at Mariott Hotel Manila. For the life of me, I was quite confused as to how and why work in the form of a property tour was fit into our special day in the first place. But, what the hell… right?

After a fun lunch out with family, we decided to take my dad and our kids home so we could mosey on our way to Marriott Hotel Manila and go about our business. And so, that’s what we did.

On our way to Marriott Hotel Manila, I even told my wife that we’d probably have a lot of trouble getting back home early since this was also the day after the girder launcher collapsed along Andrews Ave. (the road just in front of Newport City Complex where Marriott is located) and that traffic was going to be terrible. My wife didn’t seem the least bit bothered which in turn slightly baffled me. Oh, well.

Marriott Hotel Manila

As we finally entered Marriott Hotel Manila, we were greeted by Ms. Hope who was waiting for us at the lobby area. She mentioned in passing that she’d take us around the hotel in a short while, which I thought was part of the “property tour” that was scheduled that afternoon.

Marriott Hotel Manila

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Hope introduced my wife and I to Marriott Hotel Manila’s Director of Marketing and Communications, Ms. Michelle Garcia. She warmly welcomed us to the hotel and casually said, “So, are you ready to see your room?”

Wait… Our room???

My wife suddenly looked at Hope and Michelle with bulging eyes as if to signal something to them and in a manner that seemed as if she was trying to secretly convey a message. Then she whispered to Michelle, “Chuck doesn’t know…”. Immediately, Michelle’s face suddenly shifted to guilt while saying, “Oh! I’m sorry! I didn’t know! Sorry… I didn’t know it was supposed to be a surprise.”

At first I was perplexed and thought that maybe there was some sort of confusion. Then slowly, it dawned on me… there never was a property tour scheduled at all! OMG! My wife set me up! She planned this surprise staycation all along and she had a couple of friends in on it who helped orchestrate this ploy of her’s.

Hahahaha! Good one! Even though I found out earlier than they planned, it was still an amazing surprise that was carried out quite well. God knows, I REALLY was dumbfounded! It’s been a long while since anyone has done something like this to me.

Marriott Hotel Manila
(From L-R) Hope, Yen, me and Michelle

As soon as everything sank in, that’s when I kind of panicked, realizing that I had no extra clothes with me. I didn’t even have a phone charger (which, mind you, is VERY important to me). I spoke to my wife about this huge concern of mine and she told me that she brought an extra bag with all the extra clothing I would need. As for the charger… well, that slipped her mind. Good thing she normally brings two wall chargers along (one for her phone and another for her power bank). Whew!

I also found out that my kids actually knew about this Marriott Hotel Manila staycation surprise for days already. Boy, do they know how to keep a secret! Hahaha!

Marriott Hotel Manila
Marriott Hotel Manila’s Executive Lounge

So, after lots of laughter with Hope and Michelle, we were brought to the 8th floor where the Executive Lounge of Marriott Hotel Manila was located in order to check in.

Marriott Hotel Manila

I enjoyed checking in at Marriott Hotel Manila’s Executive Lounge since it’s cozier and quieter than the usual front desk located at the ground floor. They even have a couple of tables for guests who want to have a quick snack while checking in. Breakfast is also served here for guests staying at the Executive level.

Marriott Hotel Manila’s lovely Deluxe Room

Soon after, we were led to our Deluxe Room which I was so excited to see.

If you’re regular readers of my blog, you probably already know that I always look forward to the moment when I open the hotel room door for the first time and look around. Marriott Hotel Manila sure didn’t disappoint. Our room was absolutely amazing!

Marriott Hotel Manila

It was perfect for our wedding anniversary celebration.

Marriott Hotel Manila

And speaking of anniversary, the wonderful folks of Marriott Hotel Manila even made sure that there was a “Happy Anniversary” greeting for us inside the room. How thoughtful (Thanks, guys!).

Marriott Hotel Manila

Check out this quick video my wife made of our Marriott Hotel Manila Deluxe Room.

What can I say…? I immediately felt at home at Marriott Hotel Manila. Our room had everything one could possibly need.

Marriott Hotel Manila

Our window even had the perfect view of the golf course which is a refreshing change from the usual city skyline that other hotels offer. It actually adds an air of peacefulness and serenity, especially when the curtains are pulled all the way back.

Marriott Hotel Manila

We had a couple more photos inside the room just for fun and posterity (Hey! It is our anniversary after all!).

Marriott Hotel Manila

After enjoying the room for a good while, we headed downstairs to meet up with our good friends from Resorts World Manila, Owen Cammayo and Joy Andrade. They wanted to say hi and greet us a happy anniversary since their office was just a short walk away from Marriott Hotel Manila. To our surprise (Yep. This day was full of happy surprises.), they even brought along an anniversary cake for us! Wow! It even came with a sweet anniversary greeting from them… Awww… thanks guys!

Marriott Hotel Manila - Resorts World Manila
Thank you so much, Owen and Joy and the rest of the wonderful folks of Resorts World Manila for this delicious cake!

“So, what more could possibly be in store for us during our stay?”, I thought to myself. The staycation alone was well worth the surprise already… little did I know, that my wife and Marriott Hotel Manila had more up their sleeves.

CRU Steakhouse at Marriott Hotel Manila

My wife knows how much I love steak. I’d go for a nice juicy slab of delicious meat cooked “medium” with juices oozing out over any other kind of dish I could think of. I’m sure a lot of you can relate.

Marriott Hotel Manila - CRU Steakhouse

So, to my delightful surprise, Marriott Hotel Manila informed us (although my wife probably already knew all about it) that we were scheduled to have a wonderful 3-course dinner at CRU Steakhouse, located on the ground floor. I went crazy as soon as I found out.

Marriott Hotel Manila - CRU Steakhouse

CRU Steakhouse at Marriott Hotel Manila is one of the must-go-to places in the metro for people who have discerning taste when it comes to steak.

Marriott Hotel Manila - CRU Steakhouse

The ambiance and posh atmosphere of this wonderful restaurant was the perfect setting to have our wedding anniversary dinner.

Marriott Hotel Manila - CRU Steakhouse

The moment you step inside CRU Steakhouse, you somehow already know that you’re in for a special treat. It gives off that kind of vibe.

Marriott Hotel Manila - CRU Steakhouse

I especially love that as soon as we arrived at CRU Steakhouse, the staff already knew that we were celebrating our anniversary. We were greeted by the staff and warmly welcomed by everyone as we walked to our reserved table.

Marriott Hotel Manila - CRU Steakhouse

Our server was impressively competent and knowledgeable when it came to all the items on the menu. Choosing which 3-course meal was effortless since everything was taken care of.

Just look at the gastronomical delights that were prepared for us that evening at CRU Steakhouse…

Marriott Hotel Manila - CRU Steakhouse
Grilled Certified Angus Beef USDA Prime Ribeye (250g) – OMG!!!

Looking at all these dishes and recalling them again as I blog all about it right now is actually making me hungry. Eeep!

Marriott Hotel Manila - CRU Steakhouse

Upon reaching the end of our incredible dinner and capping it off with tea and coffee, my wife and I were surprised by the kind folks of CRU Steakhouse.

Marriott Hotel Manila - CRU Steakhouse

They approached us and handed over a beautiful wedding anniversary cake… but what made it extra meaningful was that, along with the cake, it had a greeting card with a ton of handwritten, personalized anniversary well-wishes from each staff member. It was truly something that has touched us deeply. Thank you so much, CRU Steakhouse, not just for the amazing food but for making this particular dinner an unforgettable experience.

To know more about CRU Steakhouse, you can check out my wife’s blog, The Tummy Traveler, and read all about it.

Upon returning back to our hotel room, we saw another sweet surprise waiting on our bed – a chocolate lollipop with a thank you note from CRU Steakhouse’s Asst. Manager.

Marriott Hotel Manila

Thank you so much, CRU and Marriott Hotel Manila. I am overwhelmed.

Marriott Hotel Manila

The following day, my wife and I got up early to make the most of the rest of our stay at Marriott Hotel Manila.

Marriott Hotel Manila’s Marriott Cafe

We decided to have breakfast at the Marriott Cafe instead of the Executive Lounge (Yes, they serve breakfast there as well.).

Marriott Hotel Manila - Marriott Cafe

Whenever my wife and I are staying in a hotel, having breakfast is one of the biggest highlights of the day for me. For one thing, breakfast is one meal wherein I can actually eat heavier than usual (as per my fitness coach’s advise)… “Eat breakfast like a king” or so they say, right?

Marriott Hotel Manila
Hello, my love!

Secondly, because bacon!

Marriott Hotel Manila - Marriott Cafe

Marriott Hotel Manila’s Marriott Cafe has a vast selection of dishes, making sure that they can satisfy whatever breakfast craving you might have on any particular morning.

It is also worth noting that our personal server during breakfast at Marriott Cafe was very attentive and even suggested the Mango-Banana booster drink that they were offering that morning which we actually enjoyed very much.

Marriott Hotel Manila - Marriott Cafe

Our server even made sure to give us another serving of their booster drink in a “to-go” glass which I could bring along to our room. According to our server, Marriott Cafe’s booster drink changes every morning.

Marriott Hotel Manila - Eye Candy

On our way to the elevator, we passed by “Eye Candy”, Marriott Hotel Manila’s little sweets shop, looking for a few treats to bring home to our kids later in the day.

With tons of tons of candy of every shape and size, this is no doubt every sweet tooth’s happy place.

My wife and I decided to check out the pool as we made our way back to our room to freshen up, pack our things and check out.

Marriott Hotel Manila

Marriott Hotel Manila’s beautiful swimming pool seemed to call out, asking me to take a quick dip. Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to go for a swim anymore… sigh! But, I’ll be sure to come back with my family to enjoy the water and frolic under the sun.

Well, as they say, “All good things must come to an end…”, but not without a handful of wonderful memories that I can bring back home to fondly recall and reminisce.

Marriott Hotel Manila

I’d like to thank all the wonderful people of Marriott Hotel Manila for a truly spectacular and romantic time which I will always hold dear. Thank you also to our buddy, Richie Zamora of The Pickiest Eater in the World, who was instrumental in making this happen.

Marriott Hotel Manila

Thank you most especially to my beautiful and loving wife, Yen, for coming up with an incredible wedding anniversary surprise which I really didn’t see coming… and also for being able to keep it a secret from me the entire time (she has a very hard time keeping surprises from me! LOL!).

You can read more about our anniversary staycation at Marriott Hotel Manila by checking out my wife’s blog post all about it.

This has been quite a long blog post, so I’d also like to thank you, my dear readers, for taking the time to read this post until the very end. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I had fun writing all about it.

And hey, if you happen to be celebrating some special occasion whether with friends or loved ones (or even if you just simply wanna spend a good time away from home and forget all your troubles), I hope that whatever brief tour I gave you around Marriott Hotel Manila through this blog post will encourage you to visit them and merit a stay in their terrific establishment.

I’m very confident that your stay in Marriott Hotel Manila will be just as fun and pleasurable as the experience my wife and I had. Cheers!

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