GCash and Lazada partnership – Globe Telecom and Rocket Internet boosts eCommerce in SEA

GCash just keeps getting better and better.

Apart from improving and expanding its services and ease of use all over the country, it seems that there’s no stopping GCash from growing and increasing its reach beyond the Philippines.

Number one Philippine mobile brand, Globe Telecom, recently partnered with top online retailer and marketplace, Lazada, to bring its internationally-acclaimed GCash mobile wallet to the eCommerce space in South East Asia.

Lazada is owned by Rocket Internet, an internet platform that identifies and builds proven internet business models then transfers them to new, underserved or untapped markets where it seeks to scale them into market leading online companies.

GCash and Lazada partnership
Globe Telecom President and CEO Ernest Cu (left) and Lazada Founder and CEO Maximilian Bittner (right) together with Globe SVP for Consumer Mobile Marketing Issa Cabreira (center) after the partnership MoU signing between Globe and Lazada.

The GCash and Lazada partnership was formally forged (and signed) by Globe Telecom President and CEO Ernest Cu and Lazada Founder and CEO Maximilian Bittner just last April 22 in Seoul, South Korea.

So, what benefits do we reap from this GCash and Lazada partnership, you might wonder?

Great things ahead beacause of the GCash and Lazada partnership

In the coming months, the GCash and Lazada partnership will pave the way for GCash to be used as a mode of payment in Lazada’s eCommerce website through an open integrated mWallet platform.

The GCash and Lazada partnership opens great opportunities for us GCash users and further take advantage of the convenience of online shopping that Lazada’s innovation has been able to provide. This brings GCash to the forefront of eCommerce, increasing its awareness to consumers and Globe Telecom’s mobile subscribers.

According to Ernest Cu, by increasing transactions through mWallet, they will once again expand the online ecosystem of Globe and provide customers with a full digital lifestyle experience.

GCash and Lazada partnershipFor those still unaware of what GCash is (but why?)… GCash is an internationally-acclaimed product of Globe Telecom’s wholly-owned subsidiary G-Xchange, Inc. (GXI) and is among the pioneers of telco-led mWallet in the world. GXI has also established a wide network of local and international partners that includes government agencies, utility companies, cooperatives, insurance companies, remittance companies, universities, banks, and commercial establishments which accept GCash as a means of payment for products and services via mobile phone or the internet.

You know what makes GCash and mWallet so awesome? Through mWallet, Globe customers no longer need to own a credit card or even have a bank account to engage in eCommerce. That’s right! Instead, you can turn your mobile phone into a virtual wallet to shop at the speed of a text message.

It’s that cool!

That’s why I felt the need to share the amazing news of this GCash and Lazada partnership to all my readers. Also because you probably already know just how much I love online shopping and trust in the safety of transactions using GCash as my sole mode of payment.

Happy shopping, folks! :)

In just barely three years, Lazada has become one of the top B2C eCommerce market places in South East Asia with presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Lazada has over 15,000 merchants, and 1.4 million active customers and is currently valued at US$1.2 billion with US$700 million of investment funding.

Globe is very active in forging regional and international partnerships such as Google, Facebook, Viber, Spotify, NBA and recently, online entertainment service HOOQ to drive the growth of its mobile data business.

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