Acer #PowerLook – Behold! The Acer Premium Line!

With the vast selection of easy-to-use laptops, netbooks and tablets sold in the market nowadays, and as each gadget becomes smaller and smaller, you would think that gone are the days of workstations and high-powered devices.

On the contrary, there is very much a need for such products.

Sure, surfing the internet, updating your Facebook status, word processing and watching your favorite videos can be performed using your handy notepad or tablet. But, what if work (or play) requires a higher demand for power? Memory-intesive graphics design or power-hungry gameplay, perhaps. Good luck performing those tasks using a simple netbook. You’ll probably end up pulling your hair in frustration… if your device doesn’t give up on you first.

Acer #PowerLook - Acer Premium Line

But hey, that’s the very reason why Acer Philippines reminds us that there is Acer Premium – an elite array of top-of-the-line Acer products showcasing first-class engineering in sophisticated design. Just because a device works like a behemoth of a monster doesn’t mean it can’t look good at the same time, right?

Power and Looks – a potent combination that is sure to attract the most discerning of consumers. That’s why Acer Philippines launched their most “powerful” campaign to date.

The Acer #PowerLook video

Just recently, Acer Philippines, currently the leading brand in the local gadget market, recently unveiled its latest Acer Premium line via the Acer #PowerLook campaign that has gone insanely viral since its launch last February 27. No doubt, you’ve already seen this very popular Acer Philippines video starring Cherie Gil and Celia Rodriguez making the rounds in social media and television countless times already.

The Acer #PowerLook video features the “primera contravidas” showing their discriminating taste in everything: from dining to shopping to technology, using their “powerlook” to get what they want. It’s a really hilarious video! These accomplished women are truly the embodiment of Power and Looks making them the perfect ambassadors for Acer Premium and the Acer #PowerLook campaign.

In less than a week since its social media premiere, the Acer #PowerLook campaign—featuring multi-awarded veteran actresses Cherie Gil and Celia Rodriguez—has already reached over 7,000 Facebook shares and more than 18,000 likes from its more than 800,000 followers. These icons in the industry were chosen for their ability to evoke a powerful image and personality through their attitude and look, which the new campaign and its products project as well.

Acer #PowerLook – A showcase of POWER and LOOKS

The purpose of the Acer #PowerLook campaign is to highlight the edge and pioneering technology of the Acer Premium line which targets the high-end market with its amazing mid and high range Acer products that boast of first class engineering and sophisticated design. This particular campaign is also aimed at surpassing impressions regarding Acer products’ quality for price standpoint.

I was able to attend Acer Philippines’ recent launch in Makati wherein they showcased some of the awesome high-powered products under the Acer Premium line as well as highlight the Acer #PowerLook campaign.

Acer #PowerLook - Acer Premium line

Being a tech geek myself, it was such a thrill to see a ton of high-performance devices during the event. I got to dabble with a couple of these Acer Premium products that evening which actually just made me want to have all of ’em. Haha!

According to Manuel Wong, Managing Director of Acer Philippines, Acer is known for its low-mid options here in the Philippines. But this year, they become more than that. Lifestyles are changing quickly… cellphones, laptops and tablets are becoming less of a computing tool and more of a fashionable accessory that allows people to interface with the rest of the world in many different ways. Mr. Wong says the tastes of the market are changing… people are looking to more elegant options that put a little more into their technology.

Acer #PowerLook - Acer Premium line

The Acer Premium line via the Acer #PowerLook campaign was created for those who see the value of having a high-performance device which also boasts of clean and elegant aesthetics.

Acer #PowerLook - Acer Premium line

I can strongly relate since I put up my own digital recording studio years back and, clearly, using traditional low-powered laptops and barebones computers for recording, mixing, mastering and scoring music just won’t cut it. There is indeed a serious need for the Acer Premium line regardless of whatever business you’re in.

The Acer Premium line, according to Mr. Wong, boasts of the perfect combination of superior power and elegantly superb looks… hence their witty campaign called (you guessed it!), Acer #PowerLook!

During the event, the beautiful and multi-awarded stars who made the Acer #PowerLook video such a huge success took the stage to everyone’s delight.

Acer #PowerLook - Acer Premium Line
Celia Rodriguez and Cherie Gil, answering a few questions from guests

It was an absolutely fun Q&A as Celia Rodriguez and Cherie Gil gamely answered questions that covered not only the Acer #PowerLook campaign and their favorite gadgets, but also a ton of funny showbiz topics and their relationship towards one another.

Acer #PowerLook - Acer Premium Line

Afterwards, some of the wonderful folks from Acer Philippines joined in to entertain a couple more questions from an eager crowd.

Acer #PowerLook - Acer Premium Line

The exclusive Acer Premium line showcased during the Acer #PowerLook event includes Acer’s newest, most brilliant and dashing laptops, 2-in-1s, desktops, projectors, monitors, and mobility products – all of which have the perfect marriage of power and stylish looks, catering to customers who seek only the best of both worlds.

Acer #PowerLook – The awesome products under the Acer Premium line

The Acer Premium line under the Acer #PowerLook campaign includes ultra sleek and high-performing options ranging from mobile (Liquid X1, Liquid Jade, Iconio Tab 10 FHD, and Iconia Tab 8 FHD), desktop (Aspire Z3615 AIO and Revo desktop), projectors (H651OBD, P7605, and U5313W), monitors (XB280HK), laptops (Aspire S7, Aspire V Nitro, and Aspire V 13), and 2-in-1s (Aspire R13, Switch 12, Switch 11, and Switch 10).

Acer #PowerLook - Acer Premium Line
Aspire R 13

Acer Premium introduces the Aspire R 13 for people who love to multitask. It is a brilliant laptop convertible masterfully engineered with the Acer Ezel Aero HingeTM which allows flawless transition between six user modes. Encased in Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, the Aspire R 13 is a tough, beautiful, and strikingly slender PC with an equally impressive processing prowess and Full HD entertainment suite.

Acer #PowerLook - Acer Premium Line
Aspire Switch 12

Who says mobility and high performance can’t go together? Acer Premium’s Aspire Switch 12 is an intelligent 2-in-1 convertible. It comes with a distinctive keyboard design allowing for fluid switching between its five modes. It runs on the Intel® CoreTM M processor with 128GB SSD storage and boasts of a Full HD IPS display.

Acer #PowerLook - Acer Premium Line
Aspire V Nitro

Take your gaming experience to a whole new level. The Aspire V Nitro is a full-throttle gaming notebook with sleek lines, sharp angles, slim profile, and dramatic blend of premium materials. Equipped with a super-fast Intel®CoreTM i7 chip, 2 TB + 60GB SSD storage, and the cutting-edge NVIDIA® GeForce GTX860M, this baby is sure to easily handle even the demands of the most graphics intensive games and applications.

I’m really impressed with the vast selection of Acer Premium products that were showcased during the Acer #PowerLook event. If you find yourself performing tasks and running applications that happen to seemingly choke your current device, maybe that means it’s time to check out the handsomely sleek and powerful line of Acer Premium.

Beauty, brains and a kick-ass attitude… who wouldn’t fall in love with an Acer #PowerLook device.

For more details about Acer Premium and the Acer #PowerLook campaign, visit the Acer Philippines Facebook Page.

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