Vikings at SM Jazz, Makati – Feast like a vi-KING!

Who doesn’t know about one of the most well-known buffet restaurant chains in the country? Vikings is arguably the go-to place for family get togethers and various festive celebrations.

So, since Vikings is such a popular food destination, you’re probably wondering why I am still writing about them. Well, simply because one of their newest branches (which I recently visited) has very different ambiance compared to their other establishments.

Vikings at SM Jazz

Vikings at SM Jazz, Makati City has everything you’ve come to expect from this well-loved franchise… except for the maddening crowd. Yup! This particular branch has a quainter setting and a noticeably more quiet atmosphere. Hey, it doesn’t mean that mixing it up with other people while choosing your favorite dishes ain’t fun. Of course it is!

Vikings at SM Jazz

But if you happen to be looking for a place to hangout which offers the same vast selection of delicious dishes sans the noise and body bumping action as you make your way around the buffet spread, then Vikings at SM Jazz is your best bet.

Vikings at SM Jazz

When I visited Vikings at SM Jazz for the first time, its coziness was the first thing I noticed – the place was significantly more comfortable. I didn’t really have anything to say about their spread because… hey… it’s Vikings, after all! This particular branch may seem to be considerably smaller than other branches, but its space sure doesn’t compromise on the overwhelming selection of dishes being offered here.

A festival of food at Vikings at SM Jazz

And in true Vikings fashion, anyone who steps inside Vikings at SM Jazz (or any other branch for that matter), is guaranteed to feast like a king… a vi-KING to be exact!

Walking around Vikings at SM Jazz’s buffet spread, you will immediately realize that they have gastronomical offerings that span all corners of the world. Popular dishes from countries like China, Italy, Japan, Spain, Philippines (naturally) and so much more.

Back in the day, when I was significantly stouter and… ummm… heftier (roughly 5 years and 50lbs. ago), it was easier for me to consume more than I do now. Nowadays, pacing is key. To keep my weight down, choosing my fave dishes and staying in focus is important. It’s quite hard doing that when a place such as Vikings at SM Jazz is literally a food extravaganza with so much to offer.

Thankfully, my visit to Vikings at SM Jazz was during lunch which happens to still be inside the window wherein I am allowed a little more slack to eat more. So… hooray for that!

On to the feast… let’s go.

Vikings at SM Jazz

I had to stop by the Japanese station to have my fill of those flavorful sushi, sashimi and maki rolls. Nothing beats a good round of deliciously milky salmon sashimi.

Being the simple person that I am when it comes to choosing the kind of food I want to eat, I naturally gravitated towards the section where the deliciously juicy steaks, roast beef and crispy bellychon are served.

Vikings at SM Jazz
Leg of Lamb… OMG!

Just look at all the glorious meaty goodness being sliced and prepared right in front of you. This section was the highlight of my lunch… no doubt!

Vikings at SM Jazz
U.S. Beef Entrecote

As I fell in line waiting for my turn to get some juicy beef, lamb and belly-chon, I watched in eager anticipation as each guest who were in line before me were served.

Vikings at SM Jazz
Spicy Belly-Chon

The Belly-Chon was something I was really interested to try. Upon tasting, I noticed that it wasn’t too spicy after all. Those seeking a stronger kick will have to improvise using sauces and additional spices. But for those who aren’t too keen on very “hot” dishes, this will surely be something to look forward to. Kids will enjoy this specialty, too!

Vikings at SM Jazz
Cereal Prawns

I was also able to try their Cereal Prawns which I enjoyed a whole lot. I’m sure you will love the slightly sweet, crunchy texture of the cereal paired with the prawns deliciously tender meat. Yum!!! Don’t forget to ask for some when you visit Vikings at SM Jazz.

Vikings at SM Jazz
I scream for Ice Cream!!!

To cap of my very satisfying lunch, I went straight to the ice cream section and asked for an assortment of scoops. Can you tell I adore ice cream to a fault? Hahaha!

Vikings at SM Jazz
Cherry Bombs

Vikings at SM Jazz also served up some really crazy tasting “Cherry Bombs”! Yes… just like a song in the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack that goes, “…ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!” (Remember?)

What a way to end an entire meal that is nothing short of spectacular.

So, whether you’ve been to Vikings countless times before or haven’t hit the buffet restaurant scene as of late, I highly recommend that you check out Vikings at SM Jazz, Makati City. They’ve got great food (but you know that already), a quieter setting, and ample parking space inside the mall.

Not quite sure where exactly SM Jazz is in Makati City? Check out the map below…

If you want to know more about Vikings at SM Jazz, you can check out my wife’s post about her personal experience on her blog – The Tummy Traveler.

And in ending, I leave you with a popular quote from The Havamal (known also as the Book of Viking Wisdom)…

Always rise
to an early meal,
but eat your fill before a feast.
If you’re hungry
you have no time
to talk at the table.

Vikings at SM Jazz – Buffet Rates


  • Kids below 3ft – FREE
  • Kids beetween 3ft to 4ft – Php 188+
  • Kids between 4ft to 6ft – Php 388+
  • Adults – Php 688+
  • 75 y/o and above – 50% Special Discount


  • Kids below 3ft – FREE
  • Kids beetween 3ft to 4ft – Php 288+
  • Kids between 4ft to 6ft – Php 588+
  • Adults – Php 888+
  • 75 y/o and above – 50% Special Discount


  • Kids below 3ft – FREE
  • Kids beetween 3ft to 4ft – Php 288+
  • Kids between 4ft to 6ft – Php 588+
  • Adults – Php 888+
  • 75 y/o and above – 50% Special Discount

No leftovers

Prices are inclusive of government taxes and are subject to 5% service charge.

Operating hours

  • Lunch – 11AM-2:30PM
  • Dinner – 5:30PM-10:00PM

Contact Details

GF SM Jazz Mall, Metropolitan Ave. corner Nicanor Garcia Street, Makati City
T: 891-3888 / 891-4888
C: 0917-8271888 / 0919-9997888
E: [email protected]
Twitter: @vikingsbuffet
Instagram: @VikingsLuxuryBuffet

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