Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch – Live coverage

Are you ready for the BIG REVEAL of the Samsung Galaxy S6 which happens in a couple of hours? If you’re an avid Android/Galaxy fan, you should be.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch

Based on leaks and recent speculations, two models of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be launched during this BIG event – one model that looks quite similar to the previous Galaxy S5 and another model that boasts of a curved screen just like the Galaxy Note Edge (which is pretty darn cool, I must say).

Both units are rumored to now have metal bodies – a major change from the quite unpopular plastic bodies of their previous models.

Can’t wait to see which of these speculations hold true during the Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch and what other bells and whistles the S6 will have.

Will the new Samsung Galaxy S6 be your next smartphone? Will it have what it takes for you to make the switch from an iPhone? Who knows.

Let’s find out together, shall we? It happens tonight at around 1AM Philippine Time.

Make sure to bookmark this site and come back here at around 1:00AM (MNL) tonight (March 2, 2015) and join me as I do my LIVE BLOG when Samsung unveils the latest flagship smartphone for all the world to behold – The Samsung Galaxy S6!

Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch – Live Blog starts below…

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