The NEW Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan

Admit it… some of you have gone into a telecom store looking for a mobile plan, checked out your options and ended up more confused than when you came in.

Hey, it happens.

Even when these mobile plans are laid out in front of you and explained in detail, sometimes you get “information overload”. Then you pretend to understand and just choose a plan to get it done and over with. You end up having a plan that either doesn’t meet your requirements or something that is way over your allotted budget. Either way, not good.

Globe MyLIFESTYLE PlanWell, all those postpaid woes are about to go away because I recently learned about the new Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan.

It is, by far, the easiest, fastest and most straightforward way to assemble a mobile and data plan that best suits your kind of lifestyle. It takes away the stress of trying to understand countless figures and tedious computations.

Compared to the old Globe Postpaid plans where there are many plan offers, Freebies and Boosters to choose from, the new Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan is much simpler. Now, there is only ONE PLAN.

Globe MyLifestyle Plan

Another big difference is that with the old plans, adding Combos or Boosters to your plan doesn’t give you a better handset. With Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan, the more promo packs you add to your base plan, the better the handset you can get!

If you know how to do basic math, you’re good to go.

Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan

Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan is the newest plan offer from Globe Postpaid. With it, everything will be simpler as there will only be one plan: all-month calls and texts to Globe/TM for only Php499.

Other services can be availed on top of it, also known as Promo Packs (formerly Boosters), so you can still customize your plan to fit your lifestyle and needs. Best of all, the more promo packs you add, the better the handset you can get. It’s that simple!

Here is how Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan works…

Globe MyLifestyle Plan
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Globe MyLifestyle Plan
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You can go about assembling your Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan two different ways:


Choose your mobile and data add-ons first
then select a FREE mobile phone that corresponds to your accumulated amount.


Select your desired mobile phone and its corresponding monthly plan

then choose your mobile and data add-ons adding up to the same amount of said monthly plan.

Don’t get confused. It’s pretty easy. Allow me to demonstrate…

Let’s create a Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan via Option 1.

The 499 Built-in UNLI-CALL & TEXT is mandatory.

Let’s pretend I’m a moderate mobile data user and consume around 5GBs a month. Looking at the available Surf Packs being offered, that means I’ll be going for the GoSURF 999 (5GB).

Music is a must for me especially when I go out for a run or during travel. So, looking at the available Lifestyle Packs, I’ll be getting the Spotify 299 (which has an allotted FREE 1GB of data streaming before it eats up on your GoSURF data).

I love keeping in touch with friends as well as fans on Facebook. Naturally, getting the Facebook 199 Lifestyle Pack is a must.

Getting around during tapings and finding remote locations can be quite a problem unless I have access to my ever dependable Waze and Google Maps app. And since I travel quite often, it’s pretty much a no brainer that I need to get the Navigation Bundle 99.

I occasionally make calls to landline numbers and need people to access me through my very own landline number as well. Grabbing the Unli Duo 299 from the Classic Packs selection solves my concern in no time.

So, in summary I got the following…

  • Built-in UNLI-CALL & TEXT 499
  • GoSURF 999
  • Spotify 299
  • Facebook 199
  • Navigation Bundle 99
  • Unli Duo 299

Total amount of mobile and data add-ons: Php 2,394.00

Browsing through the Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan device chart, I clearly fall under Plan 2499. Currently, the smartphones under this plan (which I can choose from) are the LG G3, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5 (with a Php 7,200 cashout).

Deducting 2,394.00 from my Plan 2499, I still have a remaining consumable amount of Php 105.00 which I can use up for services such as calls or SMS to other networks.

Let’s create a Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan via Option 2.

This is basically a reversed approach to Option 1. Using this method, I begin by choosing the kind of Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan that I want (including a choice from its corresponding smartphones).

Let’s pretend for a second that I only want to spend roughly Php 2,000.00 a month for a mobile plan. That means, I would choose Globe myLifestyle Plan 1999.

For devices under this particular plan, I can choose from the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 & Tab 3 Lite or the Samsung Galaxy V & Tab 4 7.0.

Knowing that I have an allotted amount of 1,999.00, I can easily work around that figure to mix and match the kinds of SURF, LIFESTYLE and CLASSIC PACKS that are important to me.

Perhaps, I can choose the following add-ons and do something like this…

  • Built-in UNLI-CALL & TEXT 499
  • GoSURF 799
  • Facebook 199
  • Navigation Bundle 99
  • Unli Text Allnet 299

That gives us a total amount of Php 1,895.00.

Deducting Php 1,895.00 from my preferred Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan 1999, I still have a remaining consumable amount of Php 104.00. Nice!

It’s incredibly easy to play around with the selections found in the SURF, LIFESTYLE and CLASSIC Packs in order to tailor-fit it to your kind of lifestyle.

That’s exactly why this new offering is called the Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan.

It’s a great time to grab a postpaid line and have the time of your life doing the things you love using your smartphone. Switch to the new Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan and rest easy knowing that Globe and your device has got you covered.

Thanks, Globe!

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Currently, the Globe myLIFESTYLE Plan is only being offered via online and hotline channels as well as these select Globe Stores:

SM MOA, Greenbelt, SM Marikina, Southmall, Robinson’s Malate, Shangri-La, Rockwell, Ayala Fairview Terraces, UP Technohub, Alphaland

SM Sta. Rosa, SM Pampanga, Festival Mall, Tuguegarao, SM Marilao, SM Baguio, Hypermart Laoag, Lemery, Robinson’s Lipa, Lucban

Davao Abreeza, Tacloban, Koronadal, Gaisano Iloilo, Ozamis, Maasin, Pagadian, Lopue East Bacolod, Catbalogan, Galleria Luisa

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