TeleTech opens its 17th site in Cubao… Check out their new facility!

You gotta admit… we Filipinos excel a whole lot in the call center industry.

We speak and understand the American English language competently and Pinoys just seem to thrive in the fields of hospitality and customer care. So much so that call center agents bring in a lot of income for our country and call center companies have been a major source of opportunities for young and old hopefuls seeking a fulfilling job with a good salary.

TeleTech Cubao

Just recently, one of the most successful (if not THE most successful) call center companies, TeleTech, has opened their (get this, folks) 17th site! Incredible, don’t you think? 17th! You don’t get to reach 17 sites by being “just one of the guys” in this kind of industry.

And with TeleTech’s recent opening, I was invited to do a tour of their newest site located at the Gateway Tower, right smack in the heart of Araneta Center, Cubao.

TeleTech Cubao

The new location is highly accessible with several modes of transport available in and around Araneta Center’s 35-hectare commercial area.

I was actually very interested to attend since I was also curious to see how a call center office really looks like. I mean, you see glimpses of these places in the news, TV documentaries and photos, but experiencing being there and seeing a state of the art facility first-hand is something I wouldn’t want to pass up on.

It was absolutely fun mingling and sharing pleasantries with the friendly people of TeleTech before the start of the tour.

TeleTech Cubao

We had the opportunity to learn more about the nature of their business and further understand the importance of the call center industry.

One of the things that stuck in my mind was when one of the persons explained to us that TeleTech isn’t just your run-of-the-mill company tasked to handle calls and tackle inquiries. Although handling calls is indeed one of the things they do, what most people don’t realize is that apart from what we already know, TeleTech’s objective is to improve the perception and image of any company they partner with by upgrading (and improving) customer service via incredible competency and excellent assistance. This in turn raises customer satisfaction by leaps and bounds.

Touring TeleTech

As we commenced the tour around their facility, they explained that TeleTech goes out of their way to improve the working conditions in their office in order to keep their employees happy and comfortable. Why? Happy employees are more productive and it clearly reflects on their output.

TeleTech Cubao
Male Sleeping Quarters

I was able to see the sleeping quarters of their employees. Naturally, there are separate male and female rooms.

TeleTech Cubao
Female Sleeping Quarters

I love the bunker type beds that line one side of the room. I swear, I could easily fall asleep in any of these rooms. Haha!

TeleTech Cubao
Conference Room

We visited one of TeleTech’s state-of-the-art conference rooms. It was pretty awesome.

TeleTech Cubao
One of TeleTech’s impressive conference phones

The room boasts of top of the line equipment and devices aimed to increase efficiency and productivity of all personnel.

TeleTech Cubao

Of course, health is wealth… and TeleTech clearly knows that. Their fully functional clinic is ready to handle all kinds of health concerns and emergencies should anything arise. The mere presence of an able clinic with a competent staff can greatly help in reinforcing any employee’s peace of mind.

TeleTech Cubao
Lactation Room

No doubt, TeleTech looks after all their employees and are truly after each one’s well being. A couple of steps down the hallway and I chanced upon one of their Lactation Rooms. Nursing mothers need not worry. TeleTech has got you covered.

TeleTech Cubao
The heart of TeleTech’s nature of business

We finally reached the area where their employees actually work their magic. The call center floor! Each cubicle sports its own high-performance workstation and ergonomically designed chairs. The entire space is designed to make work a pleasant experience. High ceilings, carefully thought out aesthetics and impressive acoustics ensure that background noise is kept to a minimum and sound resonance is practically eliminated.

TeleTech Cubao
TeleTech’s cool pantry

On our way back, we passed by their spacious pantry. The place had huge window panels which overlook the bustling Cubao vicinity.

TeleTech Cubao
Grab Scan Go

I noticed that this area had a small convenience store called, “Grab Scan Go”, where drinks and snacks such as chips, chocolate and cup noodles are sold. First thing I noticed was that a cashier area was nowhere to be found in the store. Hmmm… now why’s that?

TeleTech Cubao
Grab Scan Go’s automated scanner and payment system

Little did I know that Grab Scan Go didn’t need a cashier on standby 24/7. It had an automated machine that scans your items and receives your payment. Now THAT is cool!

TeleTech Cubao
Great singing during lunch

Back in our waiting area, we were treated to an incredible lunch. During lunch, TeleTech even surprised us with a couple of songs sung by one of their employees. They didn’t have to, but they did. Going the extra mile seems to be something that just comes naturally with the amazing guys at TeleTech.

I most definitely enjoyed the tour around the entire TeleTech Cubao facility. I’m glad I accepted the invitation and joined their intimate event.

New TeleTech site means more job openings

So, here’s the bottomline… with TeleTech’s recent site opening in Araneta Center, that means more job opportunities for everyone. More job openings are always a good thing.

TeleTech Araneta is currently hiring at least 100 new employees to fill customer service and business support roles. New hires will join pioneer programs, gain access to TeleTech’s comprehensive pay and benefits package, and immerse in a corporate culture invested in personal development.

That’s not all! New hires this season get the awesome chance to win P100,000.00 worth of prizes from Abenson’s Appliances if hired by December 31. Now that is something to get excited for, don’t you think?

Personally, regardless of the P100,000.00 prize or not, joining a company like TeleTech is something some of you should definitely mull over and consider. The family atmosphere and obvious camaraderie of their people is the kind of environment that any employee wishes to have. TeleTech’s amazingly low attrition rate is a testament to how well their personnel are taken care of.

Thank you, TeleTech, for the fun and very educational tour around your new site. I learned a whole lot more than I expected.

Here’s to the next 17 sites in the future and more work for our fellow Filipinos. Cheers!

To know more about their hiring process, just visit or email [email protected] or simply visit them at 15/F Gateway Tower, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.

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