Solace by Element Case – A sleek iPhone 6 protective case

I’m pretty sure a good number of you guys scrambled for the new iPhone 6 (or 6 Plus) during the Christmas season. Whether you got it as a gift or you got it as a present to yourself, every iPhone owner knows what comes after setting up your awesome device…

It’s time to go shopping for some awesome iPhone 6 cases! Yeah!

SOLACE by Element CaseWe all know that there are vast selections of iPhone 6 protective cases out in the market. And if you know better, fake cases just won’t cut it. They may be dirt cheap, but these imitations will do nothing to actually protect your newest Apple device from drops and bumps.

If you truly value your iPhone 6, investing in top quality cases is an absolute must. Besides, why wrap your expensive phone in cheap garb? It’ll cost more (and inconvenience you) in the long run when you accidentally damage your iPhone.

So, if you agree with me, read on because I’ve got a really amazing iPhone 6 protective case recommendation for your precious device.

It’s called SOLACE by Element Case

Element Case has been around for quite sometime now. They’re known to offer some of the sleekest and most badass looking iPhone cases around. SOLACE by Element Case is no exception.

SOLACE by Element Case

SOLACE by Element Case is just one of the many cases being sold at Beyond the Box and Digital Walker. You can immediately tell where they are displayed because their designs (even packaging) are so well thought out. It effortlessly stands out on the racks.

SOLACE by Element Case

Setting new standards for lightweight metal alloy hybrid cases, this slim, sleek and sexy SOLACE by Element Case is perfect for your iPhone 6. The SOLACE’s precise CNC aluminum top and bottom crowns protect your Apple smartphone’s vulnerable corners.

SOLACE by Element Case

It also boasts of a durable, soft touch polycarbonate body that is just a joy to hold.

SOLACE by Element Case

Also, you need not worry about your iPhone 6’s protruding camera lens (I know. I know. It’s an eyesore for some of you, right?) because it keeps it protected from bumps whenever you lay your device on any surface.

SOLACE by Element Case

SOLACE by Element Case

The SOLACE by Element Case also sports integrated buttons for your iPhone 6’s volume rocker and its newly positioned power switch which is now located on the right side of the device.

SOLACE by Element Case

Ergonomically designed, the SOLACE by Element Case doesn’t feel the least bit uncomfortable when using your iPhone 6.

One thing I had trouble with when I first got my iPhone 6 was looking for a decent sleeve (or pouch) where I could place my new device whenever I am not using it. Given that the new Apple smartphones are significantly bigger, I figured that finding a decent sleeve would be quite challenging.

SOLACE by Element Case

Thankfully, the SOLACE by Element Case comes with its very own handsome looking carrying sleeve. It looks just as cool as the actual protective case.

SOLACE by Element Case

Problem solved! Getting the SOLACE by Element Case was a lifesaver.

The SOLACE by Element Case is sure to make your iPhone 6 stand out among crowd. It pretty much doubles your device’s head-turning appeal.

So, next time you plan on getting another case for your iPhone 6 (cause one can never have enough cases, right?), drop by any of the countless branches of Beyond the Box or Digital Walker in and around the metro and consider getting the SOLACE by Element Case. You’re iPhone 6 will thank you for it.

The SOLACE by Element Case is currently priced at Php 4,750.00. Not bad at all, considering its looks, protective features and top quality materials used in making this impressive case.

Beyond the Box has also recently opened a new branch in Guam, in case you happen to be in the neighborhood.

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